Super Mario Run: a guide on how to play

Super Mario Run: a guide on how to play

In the new toy with the main character Super Mario you can now play with one hand, because he is constantly running forward, and you only have to touch the screen with your finger at a time when you need to make a jump, collect coins and reach the final. To get acquainted with the game you can download it for free and pass a couple of levels, and then buy the official application, play in all existing modes. We are talking about levels where there is a World Tour with the rescue of Princess Peach, a rally and the ability to contact other players. You can even create your own kingdom!Super Mario Run: a guide on how to play

World Tour

In this challenge you have to run and perform tricks to save the princess, and you have to face plains, forests, caves and houses with ghosts. The main aim is to reach Bowser's castle, which is located after opening six worlds with 24 levels each. For variety, you will be able to collect colored coins of several types and compare scores between friends.

Rally with toads

Here you can show off your skills to players from all over the world, as you can participate in more competitions. In doing so, you can collect more coins and get toad support. If you fill the indicator and perform special tricks (double jumps, flips), then the Chase for Coins starts, when their number increases several times in total. If you can win the rally, the toads who support you will join the kingdom. But initially you need to get tickets to participate in the race, this can be done in World Tour mode in Bonus Games or Kingdom Creation mode.

How do you create a kingdom?

Coins and toads are exactly what you need to create your own kingdom. You can unlock them according to the shades of the joined toads and the coins you were able to win. You have more than 100 kinds of decorations available to you, which even allow you to unlock other characters and buildings.

Management Features Super Mario Run

The main thing that attracts all users is the ability of the character to run on their own, and there is an auto-control mode, when you do not even need to do anything. As for jumping, it is one touch on the screen - it's a regular jump, and double touch will allow you to overcome a significant gap. It is almost impossible to die in the game, but you have to be careful collecting coins, because of the fireworks you can easily miss an obstacle or a pit and have to start all over again.

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