Crazy Logo Quiz 2018 Learn Your Logo - All Answers

Crazy Logo quiz - find out the logo

Become the best in the recognition of the logos of the world's brands, beat the records of others, develop attention!

Did you see how a two-year-old boy set the record for recognizing car brands by badge in 2020? Maybe he practiced on the Logo quiz answers app? What were you doing at that age?)

Surely you've been interested in more childish things: pacifiers, rattles, leaves and worms. But now you have a great opportunity to catch up by becoming an expert not only on car brands, but also on other logos.

If you are interested in testing your attentiveness and knowledge of the trademarks of global companies, you can download a quiz app to your iPhone. There are many of them in the Apple Store, but all of them are created on a similar principle. There are quizzes that test general knowledge, and there are more narrowly focused. For example, soccer quizzes.

How the Logo Quiz Band works

Such a quiz consists of several levels. The most basic one includes the emblems and icons of the most recognizable and frequently encountered companies. Of course, everyone knows the logos of such brands as Apple, Coca-Cola and McDonalds.

At first glance the task may seem simple, but when you begin to use it, you realize that this is far from the case. The logos you often see in everyday life, without signatures and individual elements, look completely unfamiliar. It turns out that you will have to rack your brain to solve this problem, which means making your brain work.

Answers to the Logo quiz brand questions

If you've started using the app but are stuck with the answer at some level, we can help. You don't have to take extra hints, which might be paid, see our pictures with the answers to the logos. For convenience, we've broken them down by difficulty level.

Level 1

logo quiz answers

Level 2 logo quiz answers

Level 3logo quiz answers

Level 4logo quiz answers

Level 5logo quiz answers

Level 6logo quiz answers

Level 7

logo quiz answers

Level 8logo quiz answers

Level 9logo quiz answers

Level 10logo quiz answers

Level 11logo quiz answers

Level 12logo quiz answers

Level 13logo quiz answers

Level 14logo quiz answers

Level 15logo quiz answers


Logo quiz game varieties

Logo Quiz - Guess The Brand!

This app has more than 2,500 different company logos and 52 levels. Every day you see the logos of all kinds of brands - on TV, on signs, in magazines. Do you remember their appearance. Test yourself with the online quiz.

  • The app supports 15 languages.
  • After answering correctly, you'll get more information about the brand.
  • You have five clues for solving each logo that caused you difficulty.
  • Watch the stats on the leaderboard.
  • The app is regularly updated. New logos are added.

Users like the mix of American, European and Asian company logos.

Logo Quiz - Guess The Brand!

Download Logo Quiz - Guess The Brand! You will have to pay for the clues. You can buy 50 for $0.99, 120 for $1.99, 300 for $2.99 and 800 for $3.99.

Football Logo Quiz

Test your knowledge of soccer. Try to guess the name of a soccer club by its emblem. As many as 250 European club names are waiting for you, all taken from the official UEFA open resources. The correct answer will count even if you make one mistake in a word with up to 7 letters. The app will also forgive you two misspellings if a word has more than 7 letters.

Football Logo Quiz

You can earn hints by sharing app via social networks, or by purchasing different packages from $0.99 to $4.99. Ads will be turned off after you pay $0.99

What Food? - Logo Quiz

If you're a foodie or just like to eat, this is the app for you. More than 200 levels are waiting for you. You need to find a certain product, look at the logo, remember it and pass the quiz.

  • No additional registrations. Download and use.
  • Unlock new levels by recognizing the emblems on food packaging.
  • You can't guess what's in front of you - open the letters for coins.

Paying 30 coins, you get the opportunity to remove extra letters, splurge for 50 - to open the necessary letters, in desperation pay 300 - watch a video clue.

What Food? - Logo Quiz

Appendix is available for free download. Only coins are paid in it: 350 - $0.99, 750 - $1.99, 15000 - $5.99

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