Subway Surfers - Still the Most Popular Runner

Subway Surfers - Still the Most Popular Runner

Interesting fact - the developers of the popular ranger Subway Surfers have long since retrained in another business, and the game continues to live to this day, still remaining one of the most popular in the genre. How did this happen - we tell you in our review of Subway Surfers.

The history of the world's most popular runner begins back in 2012 - that's when the joint development of Kiloo and Sybo first appeared in a global release. The product came out very just in time - the market of endless runners was dominated by Temple Run, so Subway Surfers quickly gained popularity with the audience. And understandably - in Temple Run you had to control the main character by tilting your device, which was difficult, especially when you yourself were in motion, whether it was even a jolting subway train or an uneven road. In Subway Surfers players got the most important thing - the simplest possible swipe control, interesting patch-ups and eye-pleasing graphics.

Subway Surfers - Still the Most Popular Runner

But the main thing in the game is not to attract the player, but to retain him, and from this point of view Subway Surfers also proved successful, unlike its direct competitor. In 2013, Kiloo had a great idea - to make monthly "tours", which change the appearance of the locations where the protagonists run around, as well as add one unique character (which may well be gone in a month) and one unique board, painted in the appropriate style. Since then, right up until today, the development team has continued to make updates, which is why the game continues to be popular. For example, in 2018 the game was downloaded more than 1 billion times on Google Play, on average the game is installed 400 million times per year.

To be honest, I keep playing Subway Surfers on the subway or on small trips - largely because the gameplay is as simple as possible, and you can also play it while thinking about distracted topics. Well, sometimes on monthly tours there's an interesting character or a cool board that you'll want to get in your collection. Plus some of the cosmetic transformations of the world around you seem interesting - for example, in Paris you'll see the Eiffel Tower, but it's very far away from the race site, so you can't run past it. I think this is a great solution - it creates an element of realism, because this would never happen in real life. It is also worth mentioning how carefully the developers maintain the entourage - even the special elements that you need to collect are drawn in the theme of the city.

subway surfers 2019

Why is Subway Surfers popular in 2019?

  • Monthly updates - Kiloo is now creating and promoting an online gaming platform, the gameplay has not changed fundamentally over the past 7 years, but thanks to urban updates the game continues to be popular.
  • Simple gameplay - you can play Subway Surfers without Internet, anywhere and at any time. Not all titles today can boast of such versatility (although, perhaps, with the advent of Arcade everything can change). And even a young child can quickly figure out how to play Subway Surfers.
  • Nice graphics - This is, of course, subjective, but the picture is really cool. And it should also be noted that each character has his own facial expressions, his own thematic movements (there are even little Easter eggs). It's a small thing, but it's nice.
  • Offline game support. You won't believe it, but the developers release a whole collection of merchandise, support all the initiatives of the community, even made attempts to make their own animated film based on the game. Of course, all these activities pass by the players from the CIS, but in Europe or America such things are noticed even by those who are quite far from mobile gaming.

Some tips for Subway Surfers

  1. Pump up your pavement. The game has a Jetpack, a magnet, and large boots that allow you to fly through the air, attract coins, and jump over rushing cars, respectively. There's a lot of discussion on the internet about which pavilion is better - I recommend you pump the jetpack first, then the magnet, and only then the boots. This is due to the fact that the most important thing in the game is to score as many points as possible, and for this you need to run as far as possible. Since the Jetpack lets you fly (and nonstop collecting coins throughout your flight), this is the best investment you can make. We collect the magnet second - this is subjective, because the boots do not allow to control the character properly because of the jump duration. However, it's up to your choice.
  2. Try play online and complete all daily tasks. For this you can get chests, coins and even keys. By the way, here the keys act as crystals in the conditional free games and give you the opportunity to resume the race after you were caught. Keys can be found in chests (extremely rare) and on the location (a little more often). You can also earn keys in Subway Surfers by watching online videos with commercials.
  3. Skins They have no effect on anything - only on your own perception of what is happening on the screen. So buying them is a kind of competitive with yourself, nothing more. Although it's always nice to open a skin on Yutani, as well as on Prince K - so far these are the most complex characters, you have to open them for a very long time, because you have to grind a lot. If you want to constantly unlock one character a month, you need to have About 100 thousand coins. That's 3,000-3,500 coins a day, which can be collected in a couple of races, or even just one.
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