Stranger Things quest - a gift for fans of the series "Very Stranger Things

A very strange game for very strange people. Ah yes, it's a quest

The Stranger Things series was presented on Netflix a few years ago, and immediately won a lot of fans among those who adored the 1980s or grew up in that period. There was talk that a fascinating game could be based on the series. And so the dream became a reality. The official title of the Stranger Things: The Game quest has already been announced by BonusXP Studios, Inc.

What is the quest about?

The plot of the game is similar to Zelda and Stranger Things, which grabs your attention even more. It will only be available on phones, you won't find it on PC or PC. You can already download Stranger Things in the App Store and Google Play for free. Immediately note that the story is a direct advertisement for the second season of the series, which comes out on October 27, 2017. In appearance, the game resembles an action game, in the style of the Nintendo console.

What's the point? You need to play the role of Sheriff Hopper, who searches for missing children in the lab, collects useful items, investigates and fights with enemies. A lot of people will be glad that the plot in the game and in the TV series can be different. There are also several features that stand out:

  • simple controls for touchscreen gadgets. All you have to do is tap the screen to fight or collect the items you want;
  • discovering new characters as you progress through the levels. Importantly, each character has special skills, like Lucas, who shoots switches, and they are required for each new task;
  • Similarity to Hotline Miami in atmosphere, but with a more twisted plot and complex tasks.

The main advice from the developers is to choose the hardcore mode that will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of the 80's. If you are not ready for a difficult task, it is better to start from the beginning.

It's definitely worth a try by going to link.

Is it worth downloading the game Very Strange Things

If you love the Stranger Things series or the mystical atmosphere, the game is worth downloading, especially because it is free. The design in the style of classic games for the console will not leave anyone indifferent, and the passage will learn a little about the plot of the second season of the eponymous series.

Very Stranger Things walkthrough

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