Betting on eSports - earning during the quarantine

Betting on eSports - earning during the quarantine

The coronavirus pandemic makes the world look at ordinary things in a new way - the quarantine has confused people, so people have gone online from their daily activities. We already work remotely, study remotely, and try to do business remotely, too. And the usual activities that take place outdoors are now strictly forbidden - all sports events (including the Olympics in 2020 and Euro 2020), entertainment events and even trivial outdoor walks have been suspended. The WHO has already recommended that people turn their attention to computer games in order to entertain themselves somehow during the quarantine period, although a year ago they spoke about their detrimental effect on the human psyche.

As you understand, we bring you to cybersports. It's the dream of almost every teenager to make money playing computer games, but don't romanticize the image of a cyber-sportsman. Because it's not enough just to play - you need to choose a discipline and improve in it every day, forgetting about everything else. You have to treat it like a job - practice every day, stick to your daily routine, and preferably get a trainer as well. It is unlikely that Roger Federer would have been successful if he played tennis occasionally, hoping to start earning money from the game he loved.

There is another, more affordable option for making money from cybersports, but also quite risky - is eSports betting. That's what we're going to talk about today.

How cyber sports betting works

Conceptually, they are not different from regular betting, because cyber sports are just like sports competitions. There are opposing teams (or players, depending on the discipline) that play each other to win. Your job is to guess who will win, and then build a betting strategy. The rest depends on what lines the bookmaker offers and what variations are available "inside" each game.

How to bet on eSports

The best way to break this down is to take an example - I propose to take a match between two strong teams in CS:GO.

Cyber sports betting with skins

Astralis vs. mousesports [ESL Pro League Season 11 Europe]

First, look at the tournament - the best way to do that is on the best wiki site that has all the information and all the statistics about it, called Liquipedia. CS:GO tournaments are divided into "majors" and "minors" - large and small tournaments. For top organizations, it is very important to win on "majors", so there, especially in the playoffs stage, teams will give their all to win. That is why we evaluate the tournament and its stage. Our chosen ESL tournament belongs to the S-tier, so it is in fact the major. So, here the teams will play their game and at their level, without any fanfare.

Next, we evaluate the stage - every event has a specific format, and ESL was no exception. We chose the semifinal stage match, the loser takes the third place, the winner goes to the final and will play against fnatic. The stage is serious, there is no margin for error, plus the teams play to 2 wins - the maximum can be 3 duels.

Then we pay attention to the teams themselves - what kind of game form they are in. It is logical to evaluate their recent matches and performance in the tournament as a whole to understand the distance. Astralis - the top 2 team in the world, in April played 5 official matches, the last 3 won. And the wins were against FaZe (a very strong team) and the same mousesports, all with a total score of 2-0. mousesports - top 4 team in the world, in April played 6 games, 4 of them won, but the last two lost - just the same Astralis and fnatic.

The most interesting thing is that Astralis and mousesports already played the day before yesterday, the match ended 2-0, and Astralis their opponents simply took out 16:3 and 16:1, the second map - peak mousesports. So we expect mousesports to be more likely to prepare and pick other cards, and to be stacked. But the Astralis look stronger on paper and in fact.

How to bet on eSports

If you want, you can search for predictors' opinions, and there are a lot of them on the Internet. It is better to listen to what cyber-sportmen themselves say, but players rarely advertise their passion for betting. For example, at the first link predictor says that the total will be 2.5 more on the cards - mousesports will give their opponents a fight and show a good game. Or, if you are worried, you can just bet on an Astralis win. Odds on the first prediction are 2.01, on the second - 1.48.

If you know the game, you can make more specific bets - for example, how many rounds will pass on the first card, who will finish the first half faster, who will take the first 5 or 10 rounds, and so on. There are a lot of variations, it's up to you. We wouldn't recommend to make such a complicated bet, because in contrast to the same soccer, in cybersport there is less stability, but better odds. That's why it's better to bet on a stable win for Astralis and not to bother with the number of cards.

Where to bet on eSports

Due to the quarantine and, as a consequence, the widespread closure of sporting events, any bookmaker companies offer bets on cyber sports with good lines. So you can go to any of them - 1xbet, Parimatch, Tennisi, Liga Bet, Fonbet.

How to make money betting on eSports

The general strategy for earning on eSports betting is the same as on regular betting - take major tournaments and bet on stable matches. Yes, you will earn more slowly and less, but more methodically. What can't be said about some unusual bets with high odds, where the chances of winning will be much lower.

Betting on eSports with skins

There is another interesting betting option - betting with skins. The idea is this - almost any game has skins on weapons or characters. So, you can bet them instead of real money to be able to win more expensive skins to sell them later and withdraw money. Such bets are often popular in CS:GO and DOTA2, because Steam has a trading platform, and the bargaining is done through it. Put a skin, won - got a few skins back (or one, but better, it all depends on the bookie). Also quite a popular betting option, especially when you consider that cheap skins fall out in games for nothing, and no one needs them.

The second option is roulette. As you understand, pure "scam" because you bet skins, spin the roulette wheel in the hope that you'll get a better skin. A friend of mine worked at one of these sites - according to him, it's almost impossible to get anything out of there. Even taking into account the fact that the administrators of the site can spin the roulette wheel not once, but endlessly. In general, the chance of falling out a good skin is so small that do not even dare to get there.

Anyway, give it a try - betting on cyber sports can be fun. But personally, I very rarely get lucky in such things, so I bet periodically to make it more interesting to watch. Maybe you can do it!

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