Star Trek Fleet Command - mobile 4X strategy

Star Trek Fleet Command - mobile 4X strategy

Jom 'ej tlhab chu' ("Set up and play for free" - translation from Klingon)

Mobile Game Star Trek Fleet CommandThe title, which can be downloaded for free on iOS, is a representative of the "ancient" 4X genre, to which, incidentally, the iconic Sid Meier's Civilization series belongs. Titel has received a decent rating - the evaluation of 4.6 (more than 1.7 thousand votes) for less than 3 months of full release. By the way, in the U.S. App Store for the game voted for 26 thousand players, putting it an average score of 4.5 - the results, as you can see, are very good.

Star Trek Fleet Command Review

Let's start, perhaps, with the definition of 4X games - it is a type of strategy genre in which the player must engage in "explore, expand, exploit, and destroy" (in English it is, respectively, eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate). Initially, the player finds himself in creepy conditions - a limited amount of resources, a weak protagonist, a huge unexplored world and a certain number of NPCs who not only give you tasks, but can change their attitude towards you, from belligerent to friendly. Our task is to gradually evolve, improve, occupy neighboring territories, and then begin to dominate. Star Trek Fleet Command is exactly of this genre, which is new for mobile titles. At least I can't name something like that off the top of my head.

download star trek command fleet

In general, the storyline (and it is very big here) develops in the original Star Trek world - the main idea is the confrontation of three conventional factions: Romulans, Klingons and members of the Federation. The protagonist is the new captain of the spaceship Realta, who has to deal with these galactic twists and turns into a real space wolf (we don't know if we can draw an analogy with "sea wolf"). And, as mentioned above, we will have to improve the ship, fight with brigands, perform tasks of different factions and earn prestige by all means. Because although the universe is huge, news of promising captains spreads across it at the speed of light.

Taking "explore, expand, exploit, and destroy" as the main leitmotif of Star Trek Fleet Command, the developers have done an extensive job, and the game is very extensive. Most of our time will be spent in quests, which are either our initiative or requests/requests from NPCs. The latter, by the way, can be ignored, sometimes you will be offered to make your own decisions - it's almost no impact on the plot in a global sense, but at least some non-linearity in the gameplay.

Star trek fleet command guide

So we'll fly around different galaxies, complete tasks and receive resources for their successful completion, which we'll spend on the development of the ship and the base. The level of the ship directly affects the success of combat - there are not many of them here, but you have to fight all sorts of invaders and robbers. Battles, as well as almost all processes here, are conducted automatically - we only need to keep the ship in working order and to repair the damaged hull in time. Travel within the galaxy is fast - we can see our "Realta" moving through space. But if you need to fly to a neighboring galaxy, you can't do without a warp jump - it takes longer, plus the jump itself doesn't show. It seems to be a small thing, but it's nice - the whole game is based on such details.

You have to keep an eye on your ship, of course, but it's important not to forget about the station - it's your base, which serves as a warehouse, academy, repair dock, and so on. This is where all the "social" processes take place (like hiring officers on board), buildings and storage facilities are built - buildings are needed for further progress and running various processes, and storage facilities, respectively, for accumulating loot. Do not worry too much about this, because there are only three main resources: Parstal (for construction), Tritanium (to improve the ship) and Dilithium (crystals). Resources are obtained from generators or in battles, and you can also get them for completing tasks. There's no need to think what to build or improve - the game will tell you what to do, where to go and who to kill. To be honest, it's very convenient - you can get confused in games of this kind, but Star Trek Fleet Command has a clear script.

star trek fleet command review

After you complete more than a dozen quests, the game will offer to choose one of the factions, as well as to join any of the alliances, and after that it gets interesting. Participation in them gives you the opportunity to exchange resources, and soon the developers will launch joint quests. In the alliance, you can communicate, ask questions - the players are surprisingly polite, ready to tell newcomers useful information.

Star Trek Fleet Command lets you play at your own pace. You can constantly run missions, fly around the galaxy, watch other players, and barely leave the game. Or you can run a few dozen processes and minimize the game until the next time. Either way, both options will be effective in their own way - I liked this approach best.

And yes, a couple of words about the graphics - we thought they were decent. The ship looks too small compared to the scale of the galaxy. Because of this on small screens the picture is pixelated - it would be better to make a bigger picture with high detail. This is probably the only big minus that comes to mind - otherwise the game is cool and a must try game!

Star Trek Fleet Command Guide

I will not write in the guides obvious things that will be clear from the training. Blago game very beautifully leads through a series of quests, which tells about the nuances of the game and all its details. I will give only non-trivial tips in the guide, which you can get to over time, but it is better to know about it before.

  1. Choice of faction: Romulans, Federation or Klingons. This choice you have about level 15, just get to these quests. It is desirable, at this point, to find an alliance. As a rule, the alliance takes the position of one of the factions and it's desirable that this choice you have coincided. Agree that if you choose Klingons, and the alliance will be from the Federation, it's a dead end 🙂 At maximum levels you just can not get into systems under the control of another faction - mobs will attack you. You can gain points of one faction or another through completing quests in the respective systems or mob firms.
  2. When attacking your ship, which is standing on a point and extracts any resource, then the amount of cargo, specified in the parameter "Protected cargo" gets under protection. The calculation is made on the cargo in the hold. It seems to be a simple question, but was not immediately obvious.
    At the same time, if you attack, it is very likely (in fact - 100%) to take the cargo, which is specified in the "Scan".
  3. Dailies are a must for everyone. Good rewards, especially at low levels. In the future, will be badly needed parts of ships to upgrade them, so be sure to do dailyk on mining resources (and they oh how they will be needed) and farm Mobs (at 5 and 25, while I recommend beating those who are listed in the task of 25 kills. Because they will go to account for the task of 5 kills.
  4. I'll tell you about the mining separately. I somehow at first neglected the ship "Lucky" - it is a ship purely for resource extraction. I calculated that it was:
    1. Produces resources three times faster than warships
    2. Saves more resource when attacking and killing him
    3. Faster to repair (instantly)
  5. Do not forget to update the level of commanders and officers of the ship, they give a significant increase in the parameters of the ship.

Star Trek Fleet Command's most important cheat

There is a very cool hack or exploit in the game and as long as it is not covered, it can be used.

What is he doing?

It allows you to use the help of fellow alliance members repeatedly. As you know, in the game you can ask for "help" to build, research and repair a ship. When you receive help, the time for action is reduced. Only 13 people can send you help (this number can't be increased), even if there are 50 people in the alliance. But! attention) If you leave the alliance and then enter it again, must invite someone who has rights (a teammate must drop the invitation), then help to build, research and repair can be asked again. You can do this again and again.

I do not really understand why the developers have not closed this bug, but as long as it works - we use.

By the way, I invite you to our clan - The UAN - Reign of Ukraine. Now we have an abbreviation - IFUA because of here with IF clan, but it seems that soon we will return to the old abbreviation [UAN]. You can find me in the game under the nickname KungApps. Add on, let's play together 🙂

If you know any tips/histories about the game, write in the comments. I'll put it in the Guide.

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