Become the best version of yourself with Welltory

Become the best version of yourself with Welltory

The future is already here - using your smartphone camera and the Welltory app, you can find out your productivity and stress levels in a couple of minutes

It's been a year and a half since the global release of the app Welltory (you can download it from the App Store and Play Market), and in that time it has managed to become the subject of reviews by leading thematic (medical and technological) portals, gained popularity in the RU and US-segments (average rating of 4.5 and 4.6 with 6.2K and 3.1K votes respectively) and tightly occupied the niche of technomedicine. The app has become popular because it allows you to assess your well-being and condition through your heart rate, which is measured by your smartphone camera. It sounds implausible, so let's look into it.

The Welltory app for iOS and Android is being developed by the company with the same name, and it all began in 2016 - the idea behind the project was Alexander Lyskovsky, who had worked at Alawar Entertainment for a long time. According to Alexander himself, after 35 years he began to feel worse, so there was a need to understand his own health. And at the same time to answer popular questions: how to improve health, how to experience less stress, how little sleep and sleep well, and so on. Since the dependence of the internal state on external factors is confirmed by scientific research, it was decided to create an application that would allow to quickly diagnose the current state of the body. The app solves several problems at once: measurements can be taken at any time, in any state and in any quantity, without wasting time and money on expensive diagnostics.

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But another question arises - is there such a method, which at today's speeds will allow to obtain correct data about the user's body, make some conclusions, give recommendations, but at the same time not to spend too much time? The answer turned out to be positive and very elegant - heart rate variability allows us to do the above. And the available technology (more precisely, your smartphone camera) allows you to read the heart rate variability with relatively high accuracy, without resorting to special devices.

Heart rate variability is not the heart rate itself, but the interval between the beginning of one heart cycle and the beginning of the next. Interestingly, this interval can change - be longer or shorter - and the programs and devices that measure HRV analyze these changes, and then draw conclusions about the overall physiological condition of the patient. Moreover, HRV rate depends on breathing rate, and can assess the current state of the body - whether it is excited or calm. HRV is actively studied in the medical community - for example, back in 2005 there was a thesis on "Peculiarities of heart rate variability of astronauts during special training".

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Welltory has taken the heart rate variability measurement and incorporated it into an app, and made it as simple and accessible as possible. For the app to assess your condition, all you have to do is put your finger on your smartphone's camera, wait a couple of minutes and answer a few questions about your current condition and the factors that are affecting it. After a little analysis, the app will give you information about your current state, whether you have a lot of energy and what your stress level is. Everything is designed in a minimalistic way, very accessible and intuitive, and each indicator has a small transcript of why the app gives you this particular data. Moreover, Welltory recommends what kind of work to do and what to do to avoid aggravating the burnout process and recharge your batteries. And all this is available completely free of charge. The information can be displayed in graphs, and you will clearly see the changes in your body.

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In addition, the company provides a number of free courses to help you better understand the method of assessing your condition, as well as several tests to test your knowledge. There are plenty of lectures, but not all of them are publicly available - you have to pay for almost all of them. In the end, Welltory is not only a cool and convenient tool that allows you to track your physiological condition, but also a useful aggregator of lectures about healthy lifestyles.

However, for those who want to check themselves on a permanent basis and more thoroughly, it is recommended to switch to the PRO-version. There are plenty of advantages: full access to all measurements, search for relationships between physiological processes, even more graphs and indicators, as well as the opportunity to consult with technical support. The company engages HRV experts, as well as doctors and consultants, who can track each user personally, monitor their performance, and give recommendations. This is very convenient, but to be honest, it's a bit pricey - 399 rubles per month or 3,288 rubles per year (this is with a discount).

Despite the fact that from the outside the app looks very cool and has a good rating (as well as enthusiastic feedback from users all over the Internet), a skeptical attitude towards it still remains. But only because in medicine, most of the users are complete amateurs, and can not understand the intricacies of measurements. So you either have to trust the "professionals" or continue to be a skeptic. I chose the former - I really like the app. I may not always feel the same, but the app warns me right away - even if you feel fine, it doesn't mean that your body isn't stressed out right now. And the hints about what you need to do to restore spent energy are straightforwardly very useful. By the way, the app can predict colds - also not always accurate, but any deviation from the norm should be perceived, first of all, by you. And graphs with data are also given for a reason - react to measurements and take action.

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