SSC 2020 is sad, but it's the best soccer in 2019

Super Soccer Champs 2020 (SSC 2020) is a great new title that I'm playing right now, and I was extremely excited to see that there are other players who share my passion. Right now, SSC 2020 is really the most authentic soccer game in its gaming sense because:

  • FIFA Mobile strongly surrendered its position, turning into some incomprehensible simulator of random numbers, in which everything depends not on your skill, but on the level and strength of the cards (direct dependence on donation);
  • Other alternatives on the market offer incomplete gameplay. I want to play normal soccer with a full-fledged career, transfers and so on, but to have real teams/players and good management;
  • Developers basically refuse to release soccer on mobile devices because "three-in-a-row" is easier and faster to monetize.

The last decent soccer game I wasn't ashamed to play was FIFA 13, which I still have on my iPod Touch 3G and occasionally play to this day. The graphics are "grotesque", but the game is complete. The same can be said about SSC 2020, but the picture even has its own charm - if you have played soccer on phones in the Java days, or on some SEGA, you will even like it.

SSC 2020 Game Modes

The developers presented the game with several modes, but you can't fully use them because it's much less popular than Clash Royale, for example, and there are significantly fewer players online. So much so, that you probably won't even be able to compete with anyone online. But let's cut to the chase:


A mode in which you will learn to play, manage a team, engage in management and so on. For a fully immersive soccer season, I recommend taking the lowest English league and choosing a weak team. I traditionally play for Rotherham United - it just so happens that I first picked them in 2013 in FIFA, and I've been trying to make choices in their favor ever since. It turns out that Jamie Oliver is a fan of the club, even though the team has traditionally performed poorly. And one more thing - I didn't realize at the beginning that they were already playing in Ligue 1, not Ligue 2, so I missed one season.

In general, once you have decided on a team, you will have to play a bunch of games against little-known opponents and unknown players. For victories you will be paid a certain amount of money, which you can spend on the transfer market - here, by the way, it is worth noting that many players will refuse to move to you because you have a weak team. So forget about top players for a few seasons, and focus on middling players who can strengthen your squad.

Personally, I played my first couple of seasons in soccer manager mode - just simulating matches, buying "more expensive" players and selling my own. By the way, here we should not forget about the fact that each player has his "star potential", you can see it in the "Train" section. Pay attention to this and "grow" your pupils - I'll tell you how to do this later.

Online Match

Logically in this mode you can play with real opponents from the Internet. But the online problem, which I have already announced, does not allow you to try it in practice. So I can't say anything about the quality of the connection, nor about the gameplay and feelings in general.

Friendly match

You can train here - the current lineup of one team against the current lineup of the other team. And at the same time check the players - what is their rating, what position they play, and so on.

Playing with friends

Here too, everything is simple - you can connect to each other and play. The main thing is to be in the same Wi-Fi network. The conditions are the same as in a friendly match.

Daily tournaments

So-called "dailies", where you can collect coins. The essence of them is simple - you are given a certain match, which you have to win. True, sometimes the teams are unequal in ranking, which only adds to the competitivy.

Gameplay in SSC 2020

The control is based on the joystick on the left side and two buttons on the right. One is responsible for passing and tackling, the other for strikes, crosses and passes. Tactically, the game offers nothing else, not even a pass on the move, so SSC 2020 turns into "Barcelona soccer", where there is no wall-running, but a pass and well-running players. Therefore, in my opinion, you need to put players with a high speed rating in the offense so they can outrun the other team's defenders. You can try to do crosses, but it's difficult.

A point to pay attention to is the rebounding of the ball. Here the situation is quite simple - if your player runs past the opponent with the ball, he will take it away, and the rule applies in both directions. It is better not to use hikes - players get up long after them, and an unsuccessful maneuver is punishable if not by a yellow, then at least a warning.

Finally, the most important thing is how to score goals. The problem is that shots from afar (from outside the box) are usually blocked by the goalkeeper. Shots near the goalkeeper's area also tend to be blocked by the goalkeeper, because he has a very large "sprite". The ideal position I've found is, for example, you run to the right post, enter the space between the penalty box and the goalkeeper, and shoot into the far left corner (not hard). The ball either ricochets off the bar or goes in by itself - it's almost impossible to score near the goalkeeper's corner. Plus, as practice shows, there are no twisting shots, so you can not twist the ball with the inside or outside of the foot, your shots fly only in a straight line. Hence the difficulty in scoring the ball.

SSC 2020 is sad, but it's the best soccer in 2019

Pulisic takes the ball down the center and passes it to Rodrigo

Rodrigo enters the penalty area and shoots into the far corner

Rodrigo enters the penalty area and shoots into the far corner

Goalkeeping is not always possible - either the goalkeeper has time to jump to the ball, or the defenders catch up with you. I get such goals 2 times out of 5 outings - the realization, you must agree, is not very good.

How to pump characters in SSC 2020

Your players have a development ceiling - only outstanding players get 5 stars (Icardi, Kovacic, Rojo, Kroos, Ramsey and de Wray are not included), so most top players will have a 4.5 star rating. You can raise their potential for 25 coins, although it doesn't make much sense unless you fundamentally want to build a team with a 5/5 rating. And in 5 seasons so far I haven't seen anyone on the super-top list (Ronaldo or Messi), and I don't even know what you need to do to buy them.

In the "Train" section, you can set the training schedule and intensity for each character. You can level up both by participating in matches and by training - however, due to the high intensity, players may get tired faster in matches and break down more often.

How to pump characters in SSC 2020

The second option is to go to "Squad" and throw your players cards with boosts. There are enhanced training, damage protection, morale boosts, and so on. In the same section you can kick a player out of the team - sometimes it happens, that he takes a place just for fun, he has small potential, nobody wants to buy him. But kicking out, of course, is not a solution - you can click on the button "List" and put the player on the transfer. He will be bought, but at a low price - though it's still better than nothing.

SSC 2020 is sad, but it's the best soccer in 2019

Tactically, by the way, the game does not indulge - just 6 formations, and the popular 4-2-3-1 is simply absent, so we are content with not a very versatile 4-3-3. The lineup must be set up in such a way that each position has two players - if the first gets injured or tired, the second will play. True, the understanding of this management came a little late, so my lineup needs to be cleaned up.

SSC 2020 is sad, but it's the best soccer in 2019

One more thing - in SSC 2020, players have a mood scale, which is displayed as arrows. The higher (and greener) the arrow, the more satisfied the player is with his position in the team. I haven't really figured out what happens to the player who has the most negative attitude yet, so if you have an idea, write in the comments.

All in all, I enjoyed SSC 2020 - you can play in manager mode, and you can run a full-fledged soccer game if you want. I highly recommend trying it - it's not a top game of 2019, but it's a very cool title that's worthy of your attention.

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For Android, such games are in demand, because they will go on all models of phones, even on weak ringtones with 1-2 GB RAM. But why make only for iOS? Or the developers expect that users missed the classics.