Comparison of Viber Line

Comparison of Viber and Line

The next "killer" of Viber and Whatsapp - Line. The application is unusual. Let's try to understand its advantages and disadvantages, comparing Viber and Line, in the unusual manner of the pessimist and optimist, the defender of Line.Line - a relatively new player in free chat apps. Why another one? How is it better? Well, and in general, what kind of a beast, let's try to understand together.The Pessimist: Oh, my God. Another chat room. I already have iMessenger, Viber, WhatsApp, at the very least, FB Messenger.The Optimist: Wow! New app! A new chat room! It's green, I'm going to put it on. They didn't make it for nothing.П: Of course not for nothing, okay, I'll put it on to figure it out.О: Ugh! Immediately asked if I wanted to sync with my contacts. Sure. Wow, someone is already using it.ПWell, there are three cripples. I have all the necessary list of contacts in Vyber, and here the contact list is almost empty.О: So what? You can invite, as you say, contacts. Of course, it is a little stress for a person, because the application must be found, installed, Yes, it is not for the faint-hearted :) And you can add both from the address book, and through the QR-code, and by ID.Line application review    Line application reviewП: It's all unnecessary movements. And for what? What don't I have in Viber that I have here?О: Well, let's see. At least there's no 1,000-character limit, one. Funny new emoticons - two. And... another social network, this one is already interesting - the Timeline section.П: Facepalm. Not enough FB and VK? What's another one for? And 1,000 characters is good enough for me. And the emoticons... well, you get the idea.О: In general, it really is a social network. You post, you share, you share. And all of this is done with groups created either for individuals or for all contacts. Then you can "like" these posts, but not as in FB, but offers a choice of a few emoticons to evaluate the publication. And that's wow!Comparison of Viber Line   Comparison of Viber LineП: Okay, okay. That's really something new. What about the desktop version?О: There's a complete order here, a little illustration:All versions of Line - iPhone iPad AndroidПI still don't understand why I need to switch to a different messenger.О: You don't have to switch to it, but as an additional, even if not the main one, it's a great help. Especially since, among other things, it is able to transfer video and audio files/messages. In addition, co-applications - LINE Camera, LINE Card, LINE Brush and others, as well as games.П: Okay, okay. Anything else? Kill.О: First, for a person to be able to write to you, he has to be authorized. And this means minus spam. Secondly, you don't have to have a phone number, you can get an ID, and that's it. Thirdly, you can change the theme of the application if you're tired of being green.П: And the download links?О: You lazy bastard, here you go! Straight to the all versions of Line!

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