Spring Forward: Notes in the Field

Spring Forward: Notes in the Field

Apple's presentation is pure wonder and genius

In addition to infographicsI liked most of all the presentation Spring Forward the way the new products were presented. Of course, the products themselves are very cool, but the way they are talked about makes them even cooler.

  1. Tim Cook and his colleagues have their products otherwise.the best smartphone in the world" or "the best laptop in the world" does not call
  2. Speaking of comparative characteristics, there is always a comparison with your own product, but with an outdated model. No comparisons with competitors
  3. Making the most of the magic of big numbers and statistics
    1. We sold 700 million iPhones all the time since 2007
    2. New MacBook 25% is thinner than its predecessor (and rightly so, because the figures of 17m vs. 14mm do not look so clear)
    3. The size of the buttons on the MacBook keyboard has been increased 17% is larger (if they had just said that there was so much, became so much, the effect would have been minimal)
    4. The keyboard "moved" to the "butterfly" design (and what), thereby reliability quadrupled (!!!, which is already very cool and measurable)
  4. Comparative charts of smartphone market growth in the world - 26%, and Apple - 49% - 2x higher


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Maxim Nikiforov

What can I say, I like it.