Ways to effectively manage working time

Often the main obstacle to effective work is the lack of time - but in most cases it is the banal inability to manage it properly. Often this problem is especially acute in remote work, which is popular among programmers - for example, frontend developerbut in general it can affect any vacancy.

Fortunately, finding that valuable time and getting everything done on time is much easier than it seems at first glance. A series of recommendations compiled by experienced managers will help you quickly streamline your day and get every task done on time.

1. Make to-do lists for each day

Often tasks come in a veritable flood, and it's not easy to sort them out, and it's even harder to figure out which ones you need to do first. However, it is possible to cope with this problem by simply highlighting the most important tasks and setting deadlines for each.

2. use time-tracking applications

Advances in modern technology make virtually every aspect of life much easier, and the work process is no exception. If you feel like your time is slipping away, try using time management software. This approach will help you analyze what tasks you spend the most time on and what distractions you spend the most time on - and use that data to optimize your workflow.

3. Perform the most difficult tasks at the beginning of the day

Often we put off unpleasant things for last and finish them in a hurry in the evening. However, it is enough to perform the most difficult tasks in the morning, immediately ensuring the fulfillment of deadlines, and the next working day will go like clockwork.

4. Divide large tasks into fragments

Sometimes the task is so vast and extensive that there's no way to approach it, but that's no reason to despair. Analyze its components and break them down into smaller and more manageable elements, simplifying your work. Such an approach will allow you to systematize the task and estimate the time needed to do it.

5. Set deadlines with time to spare

Deadlines are almost always associated with haste, which cannot but affect the quality of work. In addition, missed deadlines delay the time it takes to complete a task and disrupt the established schedule. To avoid this problem, always leave one or two hours to spare - in an unforeseen situation, the extra time can be a lifesaver.

The right approach to your own work schedule not only saves time spent on tasks, but also increases productivity. A rational distribution of working time allows you to cope with tasks more quickly and with less fatigue. To do this, you need to plan your day and manage your time - numerous programs and applications can help with the latter.

It is worth taking a responsible approach to the execution of work tasks - for example, to take on the most difficult tasks in the morning to free up your day, and to break up large and extensive tasks into components. A cautious approach to deadlines will provide time in any situation, saving you from unnecessary worries.

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