King the Thieves: a new hit from ZeptoLab?

How to create the best dungeon in King of Thieves?

It's been over a year since the cool King of Thieves game from ZeptoLab, with unusual gameplay, where you act as a thief and protector of your dungeon. Accordingly, others are trying to steal treasure from you, and you build a dungeon with traps to prevent them from doing so. Quite a fascinating way to go. Well, we are going to write a big longread on how to create the best dungeon in King of Thieves, how to set traps in it and protect from other thieves. In it we will try to write different tips and recommendations for building a dungeon, describe what kind of traps and how to combine them together. Today we publish the first part, expect the rest during the week, in the same article. Subscribe and come more often.

How to create the best dungeon in King of Thieves?

How to create the best dungeon in King of Thieves?

Knowledge and Practice

  • Figuring out the physics of the thief's jumps, for example:
    • The speed of jumping is slower than just running
    • Figure out the jumps. Sharpen your skills and find all possible jumps
    • Find how and when you can change direction
  • Play in dungeon editing mode. It will give you a lot of experience and practice. Look at other people's dungeons and try to build your own. Remember that you can't win without winning the coolest dungeon.
  • This research will help you create the best dungeon in Knight of Thieves and thereby protect your totem.

Project (estimate) the thief's movement through the dungeon

  • The best dungeons must have the following:
    • Pit. This is the best way to stop a thief. There is no getting out of the pit.
    • A space where you have to jump high (jumping from corners)
    • Make it so that on the way to the totem, the thief passes the trap twice (the worst examples allow you to get to the cherished goal in several ways)
  • If you have a pit, make it possible for a thief to get into the pit in different ways
  • One way or another you will have to constantly model new dungeon layouts. Don't get frustrated, look for opportunities.

How to create the best dungeon in King of Thieves?

Traps and Potions

  • Check each trap separately. You must evaluate and understand its potential. When creating a path of traps, test it on yourself; it must be really hard or impossible to go all the way
  • After you find the perfect place for each type of trap, start combining. But not before.
  • It is absolutely certain that potions will be used as you traverse your dungeon. Keep this in mind when designing

More deaths

  • To increase the difficulty of the dungeon - place traps near the door, as well as at short distances.
  • Do not create dungeons where there will be a chance to stop and catch your breath. Do not give a second's rest to the thief, traps must follow one by one.
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