Creating an Apple ID without a payment or credit card

How to create an Apple ID for iPhone without a payment or credit card

Every iPhone user needs an Apple ID registration. This is not even up for discussion. As a rule, you need to tie a payment or credit card to be able to download apps, games, and generally work successfully with your iPhone phone. Even iCloud won't work if you don't create your own account. So below we'll talk about how to create and use an Apple ID without a bank card.

What is an Apple ID and how to register it

An Apple ID is a special account that allows you to use all the features of your iPhone and iTunes software, use iCloud and other Apple services. When you sign up for an Apple ID, you link your email to your iPhone, iPad or Mac to use media, sync apps, games and data, search for your phone and other Apple services.

Registering an Apple ID without a card is not difficult, because the user only has to fill in a couple of lines with personal information and come up with a password. But it is important not to forget the cherished numbers and letters. If you forget the password, you have to reset the Apple ID password or reboot the phone. The main problem is that the owners do not want to give credit card information, but it is impossible to register without it. Such data is needed for purchases on the App Store and iTunes Store. But thanks to a little trickery, this item can be bypassed.

There are two methods of registering an Apple ID without a credit card:

  • using the iPhone itself;
  • using a MAC or PC computer.

But there are a few prerequisites for creating a new Apple ID:

  • You need to enter a real e-mail address, where the activation code will be sent;
  • registration is available to users 18 years of age or older, while younger users are subject to restrictions.

And let's highlight that Apple ID without a credit card is activated for free!

Registering an Apple ID without a card via iPhone

Registering an Apple ID without a card via iPhone

In this case, you do not need a credit card and can use your phone without any inconvenience. If you need to buy something in the AppStore or increase the size of the cloud in iCloud Drive, you can link your bank card later. All that is needed is the iPhone itself and a connected Internet connection. The plan of action is as follows:

  • unlock the iPhone;
  • go to the App Store;
  • go to the lists of programs, select the free application and select the "Download" line;
  • Click the box labeled "Create Apple ID" in the window that appears;
  • select the desired country, for example, Ukraine;
  • agree to the terms of use;
  • Type in real (this is important!) email address, come up with a password and answers to questions;
  • enter all personal information, which is verified and may be required if the phone is lost;

It is important that the code consists of at least eight characters, with capital and small letters, with a couple of numbers. Write the password down somewhere so you don't forget it. And don't forget where you put your password 🙂

  • after filling in the data, you need to click "No" in the credit card number entry. When the line "No" does not pop up - check the country of registration. After entering the Ukrainian region, make sure that the checkbox of the desired country is selected in the corner;
  • Check your email for the Apple ID activation confirmation email;
  • After clicking the link, the creation of an Apple ID will be completed.

Registering an Apple ID using a MAC or PC

Another option for activating an Apple ID without a card is to use a computer, or rather an application - iTunes:

  • download the latest version of the iTunes app;
  • After you finish downloading and unzipping, go to the program store, and download any;
  • When the password line appears, select "Create New Apple ID";
  • read the specifics of the agreement and put "Consent" on the "Accepted" line;
  • enter your real email address, choose a password, and enter the answers to the suggested questions (the code recommendations remain the same as we described above);
  • After the window with payment methods appears, click "No" and the "Next" button;
  • You will receive a confirmation e-mail with an active link to go to;
  • After that the registration will be completed.

Highlight that you can make purchases in the store or iTunes, not only through bank cards, but also through iTunes Gift Card certificates.

When buying, pay attention to the denomination and type of certificate, as European or Russian will not be valid in every country.

How do I unlink the card from my Apple ID account?

If you previously registered an Apple ID by linking your card, but want to reverse the situation, it is possible. To do so, you need to:

  • go to the settings on the device;
  • enter iTunes and Apple ID by going to password;
  • click "View Password";
  • go to Payment Information, and in Payment Type click "No".

After unlinking your credit card, you will also be able to download free apps, music, and videos, and no paid program will be accidentally purchased. This is relevant for those who have children, because often the money is withdrawn after a couple of days without the user's knowledge.

We advise you not to link your credit card to your Apple ID because only the credit card information is checked, not its balance. So buying apps without the right amount will put you in debt, and your Apple ID will be blocked until you pay the right amount into your account. If you need to buy a specific program, it is better to top up your balance with your iTunes card or temporarily link your bank card.

Whichever Apple ID registration method you choose, linking your bank card is important and necessary. Otherwise you will not be able to use Apple products.

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