Valentine by email or app

Creating Valentine's cards in your iPhone

In continuation of the theme of Valentine's Day and on the wave of romantic pre-holiday mood remember the long tradition of sending love messages - Valentine's cards to your loved one.

To continue Valentine's Day themes  and on the wave of romantic pre-holiday mood let's remember the long-standing tradition of sending love messages - Valentine's cards to a loved one. And if in the past people sent each other Valentine's cards through the regular mail, then by e-mail, now - through the application, through your iPhone.ValentinesIn these days of information technology it's easy to do - a couple of taps on the screen of your smartphone and a romantic message is flying to the addressee.

1. Valentine Box

ValentinesShare your feelings on Valentine's Day by sending a heart card to your special someone. In the Valentine box you will find a lot of hearts, frames and romantic inscriptions in different colors and shapes that you can add to any photo.

2. Postcard Designer

2A free application with which you can create your own postcards or select and modify one of the proposed ones, for example, using your photo, stickers and text, which are easy to add and modify. The created image can be shared with the recipient of the message via social networks or email.

3. Red Stamp Cards

Valentine by email or appIn this colorful app, you'll find lots of cards for every taste and occasion, including Valentine's cards. Choose what you like and send it via email or social media. You can even print your chosen card and mail it to your favorite recipient.Well, if you're already tired of the pre-holiday fuss and hype around Valentine's Day, or you just don't have a date - don't feel bad! You can send someone an anti-Valentine's note 🙂 .Valentine by email or appAppendix AntiValentine Valentine's Day allows you to send anti-valentine images via email, save them to your library, and share them on Facebook! You can even break up a relationship with a girl (guy) by sending a special "breakup" card. How cruel 🙂 Careful, the app contains adult humor and is not intended for children under 18.Happy Valentine's Day!

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