Trap Adventure 2

Sophisticated smartphone game pissed off the whole world - trolling level 80

In social networks and the media is discussed mobile game Trap Adventure 2 with a very difficult gameplay - the passage of each level is a real torture for the player.

A video recording of the game's playthrough, which was published by one of the gamers, became very popular. You can see that each level has almost insurmountable obstacles, and the developers are literally trolling users.

In just a few days, the video got more than 12 million views. In the comments, users admit that the unexpected events in the game, leading to the "death" of a character, made them want to smash their smartphone.

It is noteworthy that the game itself is available for download on the iPhone since 2016, but until recently users did not show interest in it. Everything changed with the appearance of the video on Twitter - the game was included in the list of the most downloaded applications.

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