Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Review - Become the Best Portal Master

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes - Become the Best Portal Master

A mix of Pokemon and Age of Magic

The other day (specifically, March 1, 2019), a game called Skylanders: Ring of Heroes - mobile RPG with turn-based combat. The game is predicted to have a bright future, but this is more to the credit of the Skylanders series itself, as well as the company under whose aegis the product is developed - Activision.

Let's start with the fact that the Skylanders series is an independent and relatively successful dragon Spyro, who was invented back in 1998. At first he was a neutral character (usually called an NPC), but then soon got his own "arcs", where he became the main character. Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is the sixth game in the Skylanders series (by unofficial count), and the first to be developed specifically for mobile devices.

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Traditionally, games of such genre tell about the confrontation of Light and Dark, and the representatives of the evil half are guided only by the blind desire to enslave the universe, while the "good" are trying to prevent this. And it is not clear what goal is pursued by each of the parties - this confrontation is more reminiscent of D'Artagnan with his "I fight because I fight". Apparently, they just enjoy the process, so there is no point in sorting out the storyline. Remember that the Main Enemy is Kaos, who has the potential to burn everything to the ground, and although he's not succeeding so far, he won't give up trying to take over the world.

In turn, we (the player) act as a Portal Master - a specific title, but one to be proud of. We can summon "Skylanders" - mythical creatures similar to animals with magical abilities. In this respect Skylanders reminds the Pokémon games - "Skylanders" also need to be collected, summoned to the battlefield and give them commands to conduct attacks of varying degrees of severity. We actively participate in battles, fight the forces of evil and try not to let Kaos make his plans come true.

Calling characters is the key to success

As you already understand, in Skylanders we'll be fighting with the help of various magical creatures, which are summoned only after we find the right amount of Soul Stones. There are 84 of them available here, by the way. The easiest way is to buy them for gems, but in that case we'll have to spend real money, and that's not exactly what we need. Besides, one summon costs 100 gems, but the premium box will cost 800 gems, which is quite significant. Here's what to do:

- Log into the game every day. There are rewards for logging in daily - coins, crystals, and other useful loot. This will save you money that you could potentially spend.
- Fight in adventure mode. You'll be given coins and soulstones for completing missions, so try to play the campaign every day. And be sure to check out the "tasks of the day" section - you can get bonuses from there, too.
- Get Tickets. This is a great way to draft - you don't need to spend gems, just earn one ticket. Try to do the tasks for which tickets are given first.
- Saving up stones for a premium box. The point is that it has an increased chance of getting a cool Skylander, unlike regular crates. See for yourself:

The usual box:

5* 0.40%
4* 3.00%
3* 27.5%
2* 56.00%
1* 13.10%

Premium Box:

5* 18.23%
4* 26.01%
3* 37.22%
2* 18.54%

As you can see, regular characters don't even drop out of the premium box for 1 star, and the chance of getting a legendary character increases many times over.

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Combat in Skylanders

For the battle we have to choose three characters in a team, each of which has a certain pool of attacks (so-called single target and mass attacks). Also, the game has a "rock-paper-scissors" system that looks something like "air > earth > water > fire". Therefore it is necessary to combine the team so that it has as many characters as possible with a high star rating, a stable set of single and mass attacks, as well as the presence of counter-peaks to the enemy's line-up. That said, abilities don't have to be expensive, as you have a limit of 10 mana crystals per turn. There are a lot of conditions, but without this knowledge it will be much harder to win.

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Thus, your readiness for combat depends directly on your swing level and the number of characters in your pool. As you fight, you can choose whether you're going to hit one enemy or several - select the desired target with tap and don't forget about the bonus attack on the characters.


In general, Skylanders looks a little raw, but very promising game - the sooner you start rocking, the more chances to be in the first ranks when it floods with newcomers. It's really a bit hectic, and also reminiscent of Age of Magic, review of which we also wrote. That's why the narrative about it turned out the same way, but it's already a question for the developers - the game needs to be structured a bit, and then it's absolutely sure to be a hit.

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