Sky: Children of the Light - beautiful, but incomprehensible

Sky: Children of the Light - beautiful, but incomprehensible

A real adventure on your phone screen

Despite the fact that popular games with a competitive mode or some time-killers, some mobile players are waiting for unusual projects. Sky: Children of the Light - The game, which was officially (and globally) announced on July 18, 2019, is just one of those. We decided to write about it because it is beautiful, atmospheric and, in general, everything - you want to go into such "adventure games" with your head, but after a while it ceases to attract. And you quit playing it just as quickly as you start.

Judging by the way the developers create and promote their adventure games, the following features can be highlighted:


As a rule, it is blurred. This is done to make it simply more interesting for the player to explore the world without being distracted by the stories. In Sky: Children of the Light, too, it's not clear what's going on until the end. The protagonist is a certain anthropomorphic creature who is tasked to "bring the stars home", and up to a certain point (I won't spoil it) we can't determine neither the secret of the protagonist's origin, nor his mission, nor even the universe where the action takes place. In return, the game invites us to join in right away and complete the task at hand.

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In Sky: Children of the Light, the standard two-stick control is implemented. The interface is as simple as possible and sometimes even hidden from the user, so as not to distract from the picture. Sometimes other elements appear on the screen, which are activated when the protagonist needs to overcome some distance through the air. Yes, yes, flying is one of the key features of the game, which gives the game an extra atmosphere of magic and enchantment. The protagonist can simply glide, or he can "wave" his cape like wings, and thus increase the duration of the flight. Most of the time we will just move around the beautiful (and obviously lit) locations, sometimes interact with some objects (the corresponding buttons will appear on the screen). In short, the developers did everything to make sure that the control doesn't distract you from the most important thing - the beautiful picture.

How to play Sky: Children of the Light


Here it is executed at a high level, and this is the merit of Thatgamecompany, Inc, which in addition to Sky: Children of the Light made Journey (which, by the way, can also be downloaded from the App Store). The peculiarity of the company-publisher is their certain "philosophy", the games should not be based on the mechanics of gameplay or features of the genre, but on the emotions that they evoke in players. Therefore, the plot is usually based on something that should cause experiences or associations - so you can hide the inaccuracies in the story being told and more deeply immerse the player in the process. Therefore, the pictures here are appropriate - the protagonist seems to have human features, but they are blurred, so it is difficult to personify the protagonist. The appearance of locations may associate players with different games or movies - for example, it seemed to me that what is happening on the screen looks like Avatar or Alita: Battle Angel with BadLand effects. There are a lot of really bright shots in the game, I really liked the motion and flight animation, although the picture is far from perfect - there are some flaws, inaccuracies, pixelation and so on. But that's a nitpicky thing to say.


Usually such games are created on the principle of "I fight because I fight" - at least the lack of competitive process and some "clever" conclusion can not put Sky: Children of the Light on a par with Clash Royale or Auto Chess Mobile in popularity. However, their purpose is different - to be just beautiful and addictive, so that there is an opportunity to relax and dream. So it is not necessary to criticize such products with a rational approach - it is like comparing the practical value of mathematics and rhetoric in everyday life. Personally, I liked the game (although it requires an Internet connection) - and I advise you to play it.

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I really like the game I do not want to give up playing, but some missions are difficult to perform as management is uncomfortable: turns right / left, in a circle; flight can not normally fly and land ... but very nice.

Oleg Tsegelnik

We'll pass on your wishes to the developer) just kidding. The game is really cool