How much does it cost to replace the display screen on the iPhone 5/5S

How much does it cost to replace the display on the iPhone 5/5S

The cost of replacing the screen on the iPhone 5/5S is still very high. Malfunctions with the screen assembly most often occur when the mobile device is hit or dropped. Due to deformation of the housing or under the influence of moisture the touch screen may fail. There are two ways to solve this problem: to replace the display on the iPhone by yourself or use the services of service centers.

How much does it cost to replace the display screen on the iPhone 5/5S

How to estimate the cost of repairs

If the top layer of the screen is cracked, but the display is still working, it will be enough to replace the glass on your iPhone (from 1500 rubles).

When, after dropping your smartphone, spots, stains or streaks appear on the screen, you will most likely have to replace the display module (from 3000 rubles). And when moisture gets inside, the repair may be more serious.

Original or Chinese parts

Apple does not deliver original parts to service centers. If you break the screen, Apple will replace your device with a new one at a surcharge, and then the cost of repair increases many times over. There is no other way to get the original screen. Then what do the service centers offer us?

Factory-made Chinese display, made at the Foxconn factory. By the way, all Apple devices are assembled here. So there is no need to worry in this case.

"Donor" from the original. Another way to get your hands on the original screen, unless the previous owner changed it.

Cheap China. These displays are made in small shops in an artisanal way. It is unlikely to last long. There is no guarantee that you will not get it instead of a better quality and the price will be appropriate.

How much does it cost to replace the display screen on the iPhone 5/5S

Pros and cons

When replacing the display iPhone 5/5S in the service center will hold a free diagnosis and advise on the operation, you get a guarantee for the repair work. But there is a risk of fraud.

Replacing the screen yourself will be cheaper, and you will be confident in the quality of the components. However, the lack of the necessary tools and experience when repairing your iPhone can significantly increase the cost.

Warranty service

To replace the screen on your iPhone when the warranty has not yet expired, you need to contact a service center. To do this, you need to take the device itself and the passport with you. Packaging and related items such as headphones, charger, etc. are not required. The center staff will determine the warranty period by the serial number.

If you have already had to resort to the service, you will need a receipt confirming this fact.

How to choose a service center

What indicators you should pay attention to when choosing a center:

  • Availability of quality spare parts;
  • Highly qualified specialists with certificates;
  • Agreement with the client of the cost of services, timing and steps;
  • Providing a warranty on the work performed and accessories.

The service center should have a price list, which specifies how much the display on your mobile device, and the cost of work on replacing the screen on your iPhone.

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