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Download Meincraft 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and Free

Download full version of Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and Caves Cliffs Update on Android and experience a renewed world of caves and new snow-capped mountains!

Meincraft 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and Full Game Version

The release of the new update in 2021 Caves & Cliffs allowed the developers to completely change the world of Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and This time, players are waiting for another, after the Hellfire update of Minecraft 1.16.201, update, which will affect many gameplay features. So, for example, in the game now you can find a different generation of mountains and caves, unique mobs and several new items.


First and foremost, the Mountain update of the update of the Mynecraft Bedrock 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and shows the players in many ways altered world generation.

The Mountains

Throughout its existence, players have become accustomed to the standard mountains in Minecraft PE, which can only be changed by mods or maps.

Renewed mountains in meincraft

In the new release of Meincraft 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and the developers worked through the mining generationmaking the snow-covered cliffs much more dangerous for explorers.

FACTIn the mountains of the game you can find a new kind of mobs - mountain goats.

New location - stalactite cave


The long-awaited changes to the cave generation system in Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and Now the game has a lot more types of caves with their own content.

Stalactite Caves

Huge cavities in the depths of the earth, which can have their own underground lake thanks to the new features of creating caves in Meincraft 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and

Here you will also find stalactitesready to fall at any moment from the ceiling. Well, as well as, paired with them, and stalagmites.

New location - the lush cave

Lush Caves

Previously, the caves of the Minecraft PE world 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and were lifeless places where there could only be hostile monsters. But now the developers have put an end to that.

The lush caves, as the name makes clear, have incredibly lush vegetationand is also the home of the axolotl.


The Caves and Mountains global update also allowed the developers to add new kind of ore. Copper will be useful both in building houses in Meincraft 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and, and in creating items.

New material - copper

By the way, in the game appeared new oxidation mechanics. Because of her, by the way, the copper blocks will change their texture over time.


Finally, the team of developers from Mojang Studios decided to add to the game immediately two new items.

New Item - Spyglass


Some sort of binoculars appeared in the recent update Minecraft Bedrock Edition 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and The spyglass allows you to see everything that happens far away from you. This gives you the opportunity to follow your enemies or search the shore from a boat.

FACT: The Spyglass has a unique animation when viewed from the third person.


A small rod, created from copper ingots, allows you to protect flammable buildings from lightning strikes. A lightning rod, in turn, is needed to attract lightning strikes within a radius of several blocks.
This mechanics can also be used to obtain charged creepers in Meincraft 1.17.100,

New item - Thunderbolt

This can be used in Minecraft PE 1.17.100, 1.17.20 and, for example, to hit the creeper with lightning.

Known: when lightning strikes the creeper gets charged, and rare plates can fall off it.

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Author Mojang Studios
License Free
Xbox Live +
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