Download iTunes and get a key to the Apple multimedia door

Download iTunes and get a key to the Apple multimedia door

Told you all about iTunes and more. There is a link to download it.

iTunes - Apple's portal to entertainment

iPhone owners enjoy using their devices. To make the most of their potential, you need to use iTunes, a unique media player with interesting features that is installed on your computer and exists as a separate application on your phone. Watch popular movies, listen to top artists, and organize your collection - it makes it all possible.

The history of iTunes began in 2001, the year of its creation. Apple began to popularize it two years later, at the same time the online store was developed and launched. The app has evolved from a simple library of songs to a huge media space. Thanks to it, users are not distracted by third-party apps to build their music library. All Apple product owners can download the iTunes app and install it absolutely free. Any song from the virtual store will cost the user $0.99 or for free.

How iTunes works

The application's interface is quite simple and straightforward, which makes it easy to use and saves time. You can create a personal library of music, movies, apps, and audiobooks that will always be available, even offline. Organize all your files the way you want and prefer: create folders, change album names, place them in alphabetical order. Player with multiband equalizer and graphical effects will make the sound and playback of songs more interesting. Quality and exclusive content can be purchased through the company store. For new users, Apple offers a free 3-month subscription to Apple Music to put all doubts to rest, because iTunes is one of the leaders in music content sales in the U.S.

Technical specifications and iTunes requirements

The application is distributed free of charge by Apple to macOS 8.4 and Windows 7 users and later. iTunes works properly on all iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV models. For users of Android devices, the Apple Music application is available and can download from the Google Play store.

Music from iTunes is played back in AAC (256 kbps) format, but transcoding to MP3 is possible. Files are also saved in other formats: WAV, AIFF, Apple Loslesss. Video for viewing is already available in 4K.

If you have an English-language iTunes application installed (this could have been avoided by downloading the application from the Russian version of the official site), you can change the language by going into the program settings.

In the upper left corner, find "Edit" and in the drop-down menu select "Preferences".

download iTunes, change the language of iTunes

A new window will open. You have to click on "General" where you can change the language. The application also supports Ukrainian. For the changes to take effect, you need to restart iTunes.

download iTunes, change the language of iTunes

You can download iTunes for free here in Russian, English or Ukrainian. For computer or MacBooks.

Download iTunes on your PC for multiple purposes

Working with media files. With iTunes, you can:

  • Extract unique songs from your retro CDs, compress them to an acceptable size, and store them in your library.
  • Create your own playlists and design the ones suggested by the robot, which it formed based on your preferences. This feature is implemented through the Genius feature.
  • Find the right song in seconds with the Search function. You can even search by cover image.
  • Organize your song list in a way that's convenient for you.
  • Change author information, album title, do free editing.
  • Buy quality content without advertising for a nominal fee.

Managing iOS devices

  • Syncs with all available IOS devices.
  • You can back up your library and when you connect a new device, you can quickly transfer your information to a new iPhone, for example, without losing any data.

Using Apple Music will allow you to:

  • Listen to Internet radio non-stop if you want variety.
  • Choose the radio station you like: live with famous DJs (Beats1) or automatically generated.
  • Subscribe and get access to 50 million songs from the library.
  • Work with sound by creating your own recording studio.
  • Keep up to date with various music festivals, and view recordings from them.
  • Have access to exclusive photos and footage of unreleased songs by famous artists, which they post in their own Connect section.
  • Use the Friends Mix feature, which makes an automatic selection of 25 of your friends' songs.
  • Subscribe as a family at a bargain price.

Interesting features of iTunes

Apple offers its users an interesting solution for a universal and always necessary gift - the App Store & iTune card. It is a pity that Ukrainians cannot buy this virtual gift yet. Users in other countries are already giving their friends and relatives not just ordinary things that will wear out over time, but open doors to a whole world of music and movies, interesting applications and voluminous data storage.

If you write music or have unique content that you can offer to put on iTunes, you can do it directly or through aggregators (guides to the iTunes world). You'll need a registered credit card, your Apple ID, and a U.S. taxpayer code.

One observant person, Samir Mezrahi, who studied the needs of iTunes users, placed his silent track in the online store. In a few days, the song took the top position in the chart, and a huge number of people downloaded it. And all because people were tired of listening to the same song playing from their iPhones when connected to the car audio system. The first track in alphabetical order was automatically started from the playlist during this manipulation. Thus, one person helped thousands by ridding them of an annoying song with a ten-minute track with no sound. Could you be the next genius?


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