Simcity Buildit: secrets, how to earn a lot of money

Simcity Buildit: secrets, how to earn a lot of money

When we look for an interesting game for mobile in Russian, we try to download the game, which will allow you to pass the time and even earn a lot of money, albeit virtual. Downloading a free simcity buildit game you can not only create your own metropolis, to understand the architecture and to be a little bit of a creator of the world, but also to take over the management of household and public services. In addition, simcity buildit has secrets that, thanks to cheats and mods for a lot of money will speed up the process and open new possibilities, but even without using tricks, and playing honestly, you can earn a lot of money and become a legendary builder!

The game appeared not so long ago, on October 21, 2014, the publisher - Electronic Arts, which is considered the leading publisher of games for all smartphones, computers and phones. This company is considered a leader in the field of interactive games not only in the U.S., but also in the European market. As for the category of this game, it refers to simulation and construction, where the Internet is required and there are no age restrictions.

The new version of the game has clubs on the island of mayors, through which you can meet and cooperate with other players. Using specialization, you can determine the cultural characteristics of the architecture, develop parks or cultural structures. And for other players it is possible to complain to the mayor if he behaves inappropriately. The presence of the archive will allow you to save special buildings and constructions even after you decide to install a new mod, earn a lot of money or use cheats. And on smartphones, just like on computers, you can use laboratories to develop new goods and products.

Download simcity buildit for iPhone и for Androidand become a millionaire and a multi-magnate, make billions and become the ruler of the world 🙂


Secrets of making money in Simcity Buildit

After you have downloaded the game on your smartphone, it is better to immediately figure out how you can earn a lot of money there. So, before installing a new building, think about whether it is included in the service area, if it is not, it will quickly fall into disrepair and it will not be able to bring you earnings. And when placing police or firefighters, make sure that their coverage area extends to residential buildings. If the neighborhood is dead, you will incur only losses for maintenance. But factories and industrial plants are better placed far away so that they do not cause health and safety damage. It's also important to keep businesses running all the time, even when you're off the grid. Then you can put the slow mode, and after you sell the resources for currency and make money.Simcity Buildit: secrets, how to earn a lot of moneyAs for building roads, factories and dragging them to the place you want, it is absolutely free. That's why it's better to create a road in a far away or dead end, and then place all the industrial buildings there afterwards.

Before expanding and creating new districts, weigh all the risks, as you may not be able to afford it, since currency is also needed to maintain existing districts. It is better to wait a little longer. Otherwise the development process will slow down and you will have to spend a lot of money.


As for the biggest earnings, the tenants of skyscrapers and high-rises pay your rent every month. That's why it's better to build them rather than new parks or bus stops. It is also good to increase the population, because then the amount of taxes and their number will increase.Simcity Buildit: secrets, how to earn a lot of moneyIt is better to build districts not in width but in height, because then you get to save on maintenance, but get all the same big profits.

If you see that the plant or factory will not be profitable, it is better to sell it. Although the whole secret lies in strategic thinking and proper management of existing developments. If you have any other tips on how to earn a lot of money in Simcity Buildit, share with us in the comments and we will definitely include your tips in our review.

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Victoria Yeniseeva

"Simulator", not "sTimulator" - I hope that's a typo - that's first. Secondly, in this game you can not sell a building - not residential, not the police/hospital, etc.. In general, dear, if you do not know the game - do not write nonsense


Victoria, thank you. We will correct the typos and errors.
If you have any more constructive comments or advice, write to us. Who knows, maybe you too will become our author and be able to write correct tips of a game connoisseur!

Ricco Gratis

Victoria, that a residential building cannot be sold, I agree. But you can demolish it for free, but if you demolish the police, hospital, and so on, you can sell those buildings, for half the price.


In general, fill the factories with products
What would not be idle, and sell on the market, tried a lot of things with donuts quite profitable if there is no time to hang out in the game, and if you have time to include your head and think five steps ahead, build a building, run the job, sending planes, ships, disasters and recovery, and what the benefits of where, and all this can be linked ...