Shop Titans: Design and Deal - Review and Beginner's Guide

Shop Titans: Design and Deal - overview, guide and tips for beginners

A successful clone of Shop Heroes or a pathetic copy of it?

At a time when a new genre Auto Chess is being born in mobile games, KABAM decided to go its own way and make a clone on a rather popular anthill Shop Heroes: Design and Deal (the name sounds completely idiotic in Russian). And the clone is so similar that it is unclear what the developers have brought there his own. I installed, played and I have something to say, guys. Of course I would not call it a full-fledged guide, but certainly give some tips on how to become a better merchant. By the way, who has not played Shop Heroes - welcome to review and guide (I recommend reading it, even if you won't be playing Shop Heroes), I'll even try to compare the two games along the way.


Shop Titans: Design and Deal - Review and Beginner's Guide

How to play Shop Titans

After entering the game, we find ourselves a small merchant in some vast wilderness. The kind king of the wilderness gives you a place to set up store, and various artisans offer their services in sewing clothes, making weapons and armor, brewing elixirs, and forging jewelry.

Other than that, there's a city all around us. Or rather, we live in it. Each craftsman has his own house. They need to be modernized so that the level of the craftsman rises, which in turn rises when he makes things for sale.

There are many houses. Some will open only after a certain house is built to the right level. For example, the jeweler will open only after level 5 sewing room. Why such logic is not very clear, but the author knows better. Pump up your own cities to the maximum.

Shop Titans: Design and Deal - overview, guide and tips for beginners

As is already clear, our task is to sell. In the store from time to time will come wayfarers, and to them we sell. The cost of goods can be increased or decreased by energy (one of the internal currencies). Renewed, when we sell the goods, make a discount or the buyer admires the internal items (do not neglect them). We spend energy on doubling the price, it's worth noting that it's better to do this on expensive goods. To increase the amount of this energy, you need to put the furniture for things: tables, workbenches, hangers and so on. In the game, by the way, very nice training, you should not have any problems.

Construction of the city


Construction of the city Resources


Building the City of Masters


Construction of the City Particular

Recommendations for deposits in the city

  1. Town Hall. More people, more help. The city grows faster.
  2. Resource Buildings. No resources - no creation of things. Also, everything is clear.
  3. Wizards and Training Room. Workers increase the rate of production of things with increasing level. The higher the level of the recipe, the higher the level of the wizard is needed. And also keep an eye on your heroes, if they have reached the "ceiling", it's probably worth raising the level of the Training Hall.
  4. Tavern and inn.


In the tavern we hire heroes. We dress them in our clothes, arm them with weapons from the store and send them in search of rare components, which will be very necessary to create things, from about the 3rd level (level of things, things have 7+ levels in total).

Shop Titans: Design and Deal - overview, guide and tips for beginners

Market and auction

There is a market in the city, where all goods are traded online. The most marketable items are the components that our heroes are looking for. Usually they are sold for x10 value. do not go cheap) You can also catch cheap items that people put up by mistake or foolishly and sell them in your store with a markup of 2x.

In short, this is the whole game, but it's just the tip of the iceberg. I hope that the developers will develop the game and bring more to it than Shop Heroes has now. For those who have decided to play, I highly recommend reading about ways of playing In the article. This will help you choose your style and make your first money quickly.

Resources - what it costs

Primary resources

Iron - Iron Mine

  • Weapons: Swords and Daggers
  • Armor: Heavy Armor, Helmets, Wristbands, Heavy Shoes
  • Accessories: Rings, Amulets

Leather - Tinderbox

  • Armor: Light Armor, Clothing, Wanderer Hats, Mage Hats, Gloves, Light Shoes
  • Accessories: Scrolls, Amulets

Wood - Lumber Yard

  • Weapons: Axes, Clubs, Bows, Staffs, Crossbows, Guns
  • Accessories: Shields

Herbs - Garden

  • Accessories: Herbal remedies, Potions

Secondary resources

Use with basic resources to produce T5+ things.

  • Steel - more often used with iron
  • Fabric - more often used with leather
  • Ironwood - more often used with wood
  • Oil - more often used with herbs

Guide and Tips for Beginners

  • The game can be played both vertically and horizontally - choose the more convenient.
  • Do not neglect the jewelry in the store and near the store. The higher the level of jewelry - the higher the level of prestige, the more customers come. In the case of interior decorations - more quickly regenerate energy, for which you can get x2 price of the goods.
  • Sell goods that you think are expensive at a markup of 2x. To do this, try to keep the energy level at its maximum.
  • To increase energy, buy tables, workbenches and hangers, furniture on which will lie the goods in the store.
  • Buy heroes to the max, so that there is always someone going for rare components - they will always catch on.
  • Don't forget to dress your heroes in the best clothing. The higher the level of the clothing or weapon (in terms of color), the less chance it has of breaking during the campaign. Don't fix it. Create new weapons or clothing.
  • It's clear that you don't need to buy anything with real money. The game is unhurried, which is fine.
  • Ah yes, the guild - Ukrainian HeroesAdd yourselves. If there is no room - write here, we'll kick)
  • Crystals are only worth buying additional cells for production, heroes or auction.

What does Prestige affect?

Nothing. It is purely a decoration and a "pissing match" for your stores.

  • While walking through dungeons, heroes not only find rare components, but sometimes also chests (keys can fall out immediately or buy in the market), and simply goods. The higher the level of the dungeon, the more treasure your heroes can get out of it.

How do I leave the guild?

You can't. You can only go to another guild and be kicked out of the guild by its head or deputies.

What the master gives Theodore?

Master Theodore can be bought for 1000000 gold and you can use him to craft some T5+ items.

How do you get the engineer Roxanne and the scientist Evelyn? Only for real money. In-game money is not allowed.

How to develop properly in the game

It's best to develop to level 20 on your own. After that, look for a guild. Try to keep all buildings in the guild at about the same level, without allocating any. Do not forget about the daily bonuses when you put the first 10 contributions to the building, they are a great time saver. Don't be selfish and take advantage of the guild without your contribution. Contribute as if you own it. Remember that when you leave for another Guild, all of your investment progress will go with you, so don't worry that all of your investments will stay with the old Guild.

Where do I get experience from? Experience a player gets only for selling things! Wizards get experience for creating things with them.

When the King comes and what he buys

The king comes between 22 and 38 hours (i.e., from just under a day to almost two) after his last visit and buys a masterpiece (the best thing at the moment) of green or higher quality. If there isn't one, he'll buy a gray one, too. To make money on this, you need to buy a level 7, green item on the market, and preferably not for all the money in the world - not more than its double face value, otherwise our plan will go to pieces. Next, after 22 hours, you need to block all the masterpieces in your inventory (the ones that are green and above) so that there is not a single thing left on the shelves, except the one you want to sell him. Then you have to wait for the king, and with a large (closer to 100%) it will buy that item from you from the market for 5x its face value. Write in the comments how did you do?

What to spend the diamonds on?

Perhaps an expansion for the store or a slot for the production of things, and maybe a slot in the market, if you actively trade. Another option is a slot to send heroes on adventures. By the way, in the market you can sell for diamonds, do not forget about it. Naturally very worthwhile (degendary or something like that) things.

Useful links for the game

  1. Table of items and skills translated by Anonymus:
  2. The official data table for the game:


  1. -Don't neglect jewelry in the store and near the store. The higher the level of jewelry - the higher the level of prestige, the more often customers come.
    -What does Prestige affect? Nothing. It's purely a decoration and a "pissing match" for your stores.

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    I invite the Shop Titans Russia / English community to Discord, various sweepstakes, collection of interesting information, separate guild channels and communication

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