Shop Heroes: tips, guide, recommendations, tricks

Shop Heroes: tips, guide, recommendations, tricks

This is my second approach to Shop Heroes. The first time, it happened that I did not understand it, I put it aside. Of course, is it interesting to be constantly stuck in the store and sell penny knives or something. Tutorial, which is available at the beginning of the game - sensible, but still not answering all my questions. Therefore, after suffering for a few days, I gave up on the game. After many months, rather accidentally I downloaded it again, and what was my surprise when I found in this game a lot of things, just incredibly many things. In order for you not to step on my rake, I decided to do a review article, where to give for the game Shop Heroes: tips, recommendations, tricks. And even before you start playing, imagine what is in the game Shop Heroes:

  • Development of their own store and sale of goods
  • trade at auction with real players for 2 currencies (regular and crystals)
  • develop your own city, together with other players
  • Military missions for your mercenaries, which you also dress from the store
  • And many, many other things, I haven't really figured it all out yet myself

Shop Heroes: tips and tricks

Go through the Tutorial (Inner Guide to Shop Heroes)

Be sure to pass it. I have the game was originally in English, which made it a little difficult to understand some of the processes, but as it turned out, there is a switch to Russian in the settings. Do not be lazy to switch and go through the internal guide. It shows at least the mechanics of the game, without a lot of details, but you will at least navigate the game interface. By the way, there are three game interfaces - the store, the inn and the city, and it's in the first and second that you'll spend the lion's share of your time.

Choose your way of playing

The game is very multifaceted. If you just play it, you won't last long, you'll get confused, tired from lack of resources, misunderstanding of processes, and generally "where are the millions? In order to make up your mind, I'll tell you about the ones I've discovered or read on the Internet.

  1. The way all newbies play. After the basic management they (beginners) rush to the ambuscade and start to produce very much, very cheaply, build their city, sell their goods to NPCs (neutral players who come to the store), develop all kinds of weapons, armor and additional things. It's a path to nowhere. Of course, the game will show you some gold coin score, you'll spend a lot of effort to collect these coins, but still, you'll never become a millionaire. The game has pretty clear limitations on the store, which means - you won't be able to put as many work tables and mining pieces as you'd like. Sooner or later you're going to have to choose - you're going to have to give up on the game, you're never going to figure it out and start thinking. So we move on to the second way of playing the game.
  2. The player chooses his own specialization, or two specializations and begins to pump them. At first, the goods are sold, coming to the store NPS, and after getting to the goods level above 5-6 - begins to work with the auction. Before choosing a specialty, I recommend look around in the auction - choose well niche, which is the most monetary at this time. On the other hand, the situation may be seasonal, and while you develop this specialization - everything else will change a lot. So choose what suits you best - weapons, jewelry, or tincture making!
  3. Since we're getting close to the auction, we should also talk about auction-hunters. In essence, trappers of inexpensive lots with subsequent resale at the "right" price. Here, too, you can earn a lot of money, but agree, hanging on the auction all the time - not very attractive occupation. Although, to each his own 🙂 🙂
  4. There are also donaters - those who invest large sums in the game. These guys are focused on the chests, which are sold for crystals, but fallen out recipes or things for quite a bit of gold. The point of such manipulations - in the rare recipes that fall out of the chests.

Shop Heroes career choice

Hire all mercenaries

Mercenaries are not only about passing insts and mining important resources, but also about precious experience and the ability to find a new recipe through chests and purses. Very often they bring with them jewels in pouches and chests. There are recipes there.Dress mercenaries gradually. I noted for myself at first this way:

  • I first put them on to the level of the thing 100
  • Then up to 200
  • Then over 200

It helps to keep a certain bar and understanding what to strive for. If budget allows, you can at least in 300+, it's to the objections about gradualness.The higher the level of a mercenary - the higher the dungeon he can pass.Be sure to do quests for the hero. They allow you to get unique properties of the hero. Sometimes, in order to pass the quest - lit item in a red cloud, it means that the hero must wear it. If it is in the inventory, the hero will put it on with a balk-click.Shop Heroes: tips, guide, recommendations, tricks

How to make a quick million in Shop Heroes?

Method 1: Accomplishments

No matter which way you choose to play the game, achieve the "Interior Design" achievement up to and including the penultimate star. Your cost will be 30k gold, but you'll get 1,2,000,000 gold for the achievement. The profit is quite obvious. You can earn literally the first hour of the game. Just buy all the carpets, curtains and everything else and put it in your store. Then you can remove it.

Method 2: Auction

You choose one direction and focus solely on it (read about Ways to Play). For example, I decided that I was going to be an armor wizard who made exclusively armored, latticed shoes and boots. As a result, on the second day I earned my first million. The most popular product, on which I and raised his first million were - "hiking boots" in the store they bought at 1953 coins, and at auction went like cakes at 15-17000.

Method 3. Resource Extraction

You hire and equip your team as best you can, matching your budget of course, although after Mode 1 you won't have a problem with that. So, and your team should non-stop collect resources to create things. Now at the auction is good Burning Amber - 13k apiece, although the coolest thing on the level of T1 dungeons - will wing Vivierna for 65k, it and should strive. Actually, the rest you can score - earned money, spend on weapons mercenaries.Shop Heroes: tips, how to play, tips, tricks

And little tricks of Shop Heroes

  • The same resources from several baskets can be collected by clicking once on the icon of this resource, on the small panel on the right, where their number is displayed.
  • Complete the Interior Designer achievement to the penultimate star. This is the purchase of interior items for your store. The cost part will be 30k gold, and at the expense of prizes, you will collect 1.2k (million) gold and greatly increase the attendance of your store.
  • Sometimes the cost of goods at auction is cheaper than the NPC wants to buy from your store. As a consequence - buy at the auction, sell to the NPC, take the difference in his pocket. You can follow the new arrivals in the tab "Offers".
  • Workers can be fired. When you fire a worker, you will be shown the amount, from the worker's level, that you will have to pay if you want to hire him again.
  • Things are ranked by quality as: ordinary (green) - good green, excellent - blue, blue, purple and red.
  • Unnecessary things from the store (workbenches, baskets - sources of materials, etc.) can be sent to the warehouse and then absolutely free to get out of there.
  • Install as many resource garbage cans as possible. Upgrade them as much as possible.

Which recipes/drawings provide a tangible income?

Before proceeding directly to the recipes I want to warn you that the amounts are approximate because there is an active market in the game, so there may be variations. 

Also keep in mind that the game is constantly evolving and some recipes I might not have considered, but to start, to start and generally understand the game - this list of recipes is what you need.

Where no skill is specified, the default skill of 1800++ is taken, and the revenue for 12 hours is everywhere.

Recipes and blueprints for making big money

  1. Music Northern Flute 22Lv at brewed on the initial lv, buy up to brew, self-craft resources will cost more, okarina beautiful 47.
  2. Staff 26, brew in beryusa, pack crescent, exchange, income in crystals.
  3. Ring 28, a beautiful Twilight Flute and pack ring, per day on the mastery of about 1200-1400 about 500kk
  4. Music Voy 33 kraft brew, he krasft staff 45. At 1200-1400 skill, about 600kk a day from sales on the exchange.
  5. Amulet Cat's Eye 34, crafting and brewing in blue, sale exchange, chesnift, about 600kk, on the skill of about 1200 - 1400.
  6. Music Flute of Twilight 39lv, self-feed 800kk-1g per day.
  7. Boots 45lv, self-feeding, 1.4g per day.
  8. Raid jar 49lv, self-feed, 1.8g per day, profit depends on the price of horns from the dungeon.
  9. Shadow Axe 49lv, raid, 2g, self-feeding, relatively long cessation.
  10. Raid Dud 49lv, self-feed 2.3g per day, need cessift from chests.
  11. Staff chest 45, self-feeding, 1.5g per day.
  12. Jar 33lv, about 2.5g per day, Kraft, brew sale on the exchange, stopft of the Powers of Nature.
  13. Music Ocarina 47, packaged, self-feeding, 2.5g per day.
  14. Sword Belmung 40lv, packet, self-feeding, 2.8g per day.
  15. Onion Lover 38lv, from Valentine's Pack, self-fed, about 2.5g per day
  16. Ring 48lv with care pack, self-feeding, 2.5g per day.
  17. Tear of the Goddess 38lv and Demonic Mask 39lv, chest recipe, 3 to 3.5g per day, self-feed.
  18. Dragon Blood, chest jar 34lv, celft Dragon Tea, crafting and brewing, about 2k crystals per day, below clarification on the market.
    (At the time of publication of the guide 2k kree++, with buying blue 34th can at 14 kree and free gold exchange rate in kree - 1k kree/3k gold. About 1k kree income was, with the rate of 1kree/10kk gold and buying up blue for 6 kree. Now a new Cree withdrawal from the game through the publication of chances to get recipes from the chests for crystals (x2). The rate is free 1kri/18kk gold, buying up blue cans for 3 kri, that's an income of about 500 kri a day. Do not forget 34 cans is beautifulft and rests in profitability, tea self-fodder retz, the numbers are not cheating when feeding the heroes).
  19. Force of Nature, chest jar 50lv, self-feeding, 6g per day.
  20. Dragon tea, chest herb 50lv, self-feeding, plays in the presence of the recipe Blood of the Dragon, an average of about 9g per day, a day we craft blood, two days of tea.

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