Shadowmatic for iPhone: a game that boggles the mind

Digital app store Apple every year offers a large number of puzzles. Some of them go unnoticed, and some become very popular, receiving positive reviews from players and journalists.One of the projects that has received well-deserved attention is Shadowmaticgame, which immediately attracted connoisseurs. The game was developed by Triada Studio.14518976The essence of the game is as follows: from the given object, which has an abstract shape, you must create a shadow of a recognizable object, using a light source. Rotate the object to form the outline of the desired shape from its shadow.27097342From this point on, the player becomes as immersed in the action as possible. Despite the seeming simplicity of the process, on each level the player's brain encounters a whole dump of unnecessary things. As you turn the object in different directions, you see the outlines of a familiar figure pop up in your mind, but you can't quite remember it. When you choose the right arrangement, you get the right figure and feel euphoric, as if you remembered something very important.28704475Among other things, the game has hints, which are purchased for the accumulated points in the process of passing the levels. At the bottom of the screen there is an indicator that shows the correct rotation of the object and your proximity to the solution.36633796After a few tutorial levels, the game will ask you to solve a riddle using two objects that must be combined correctly. In many levels, additional objects are hidden among the main tasks, and you can spend a lot of time searching for these objects. The player can familiarize himself with all of the secondary objects at the beginning of the game.73788314I would like to note the excellent design and stylistics of the project. All levels of the game are divided by theme, and each level has its own background scenery. In addition, you can use the parallax technology. Although in iOS 7 this effect annoyed many, in Shadowmatic The levels look like a window into other worlds that you want to look into by turning your iPhone or iPad The musical accompaniment is also at a high level. With such beautiful acoustics, the game is truly addictive, making you forget about your problems and drown in the beauty.01206938The gameplay is addictive, addictive, atmospheric, and high quality, with beautiful graphics, styling, and music. All of this is. Shadowmatic.

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