Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

For a very, very long time the developers picked up the way the shooter will look from a cell phone or tablet. After all, the control has moved to the phone screen, there is no mouse, no keyboard, there are only a few buttons, yes the image. And now here we are. Shadowgun Legends - really, the best shooter to date. Everything is cool: graphics, sound and soundtrack, gameplay, usability and gameplay. There is nothing to complain about. Let's get acquainted with this new shooter and tell a couple of tricks and a few tips on Shadowgun Legends' playthrough.

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Shadowgun Legends trailer video


Shadowgun is an organization that can save humanity from alien invaders. You will be one of the mercenaries capable of influencing the course of history, on which the future of the planet will depend. Agree, to perform such a mission is honorable and pleasant. You will not just fight the enemy, you have to perform about 200 interesting tasks on 4 different planets. That is, it will change not only the goal, but also the locations. Another exciting feature is to pump up your character.

Management Features

  • Moving the character in different directions is done with the left hand. It is mechanically simple enough.
  • You can switch from walking to running if you need to speed up urgently.
  • On the right side of the screen you can control the rotation of your head (the camera rotates 360°).
  • Double-tap on the right side of the screen to activate the sight.

The economics of the game

Gaming Experience

It is designed to raise your level. You will raise it for completing quests. You will get the most experience in story quests, and the least experience in operations. These you will complete until level 20. A new level starts with a side or plot task and ends with operations. At level 20 you will still be able to pump PvP.


This figure directly depends on the level of the character. After you reach level 20, you have about 5 more levels to go. Get things with maximum power thanks to your total power level. At character level 23, your power will be 230-240.


This is a resource that determines your popularity. It is accumulated in single missions, campaigns, PvP, patches. A high fame score opens up opportunities for you to enter into lucrative contracts.


There are several ways to earn: selling armor, sponsorship contracts and playing in the casino, rewards in PvP. The limit on credits is 500000. You can spend money on equipment and weapons, in the bar to remove the negative effects after death in Dungeon.


This resource is available to absolutely everyone. Every day you can get up to 9 units of gold for 2 minutes - you just need to watch a few commercials to try your luck in the casino. With one account, you can see a maximum of 3. You can spend the gold on your equipment: helmets, chest ornaments, masks and hoodies, cowboy armor, symbols of power. They are absolutely useless in the game, but look very interesting and unusual.

What makes Shadowgun Legends so good?

What's there to do anyway? You are a mercenary. All you have to do is pick up a weapon and fight. It's been around for a long time on PCs and consoles, and now on cell phones as well.

When you start the game, you can choose an avatar or randomly generated, choose a name. That's nice. After all, in the main city you will constantly encounter a thousand players, and it would be sad if they were all the same. And so - different sex, different appearance, and subsequently different equipment, and even the ability to paint it. The developers tried very hard to make each player feel like a person.

Graphics At the level, you would think - the Unity engine was used. But here I want to draw attention not to the engine, but to the fact that it is optimized to the maximum, and the picture is very nice, smooth, without delays and boring long loading of content. Well done.

Gameplay. The pinnacle of skill for the day. The classic techniques seem to have been used - the right finger is like a joystick, but the right finger is the sight. The shooting goes automatically. This has already been used in other games, but only in this one it is done perfectly. And you carry 3 types of weapons: machine gun / shotgun, sniper / grenade launcher, pistol. How does the change of guns I do not like, too heavy stretching to the upper right corner, you can not do it quickly, but maybe change.

The game has missions. During the main one we fulfill the storyline, earn glory points (needed to make contacts on more improved terms), money (to buy weapons and equipment) and sometimes fall out weapons, equipment and paint. The battles themselves are not long 5-15 minutes, which allows you to play comfortably from time to time. More than 200 missions on different planets.

There is an interesting reward Glory - is a measure of your place in the world of the game. And the game reacts to this indicator. For example:

  • Entered KingApps. He is one of the top 10% players. Let's welcome him. And in that spirit.

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

A spoonful of tar for Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends has PVP - one-on-one and four-on-four modes, and other gang on gang. But here there is one more disappointment that awaits players who like to play against each other - donat. The higher the level, the bigger the gap in equipment between regular players and those who buy in-game currency for $$. For in-game currency you can buy super weapons, super outfit.

Here's how the players feel about the imbalance:

"For three days I rocked up to the 9th lvl and realized that the game since the start of the pills: you throw in PVP to opponents much higher and clearly solidly vdonachili (since now the currency can only buy for dough, and masks, belts, suits can only buy for real money. And buy donated weapons). Against these players is unrealistic to play, because you put 13 rounds in his back with a shotgun, dolbitsya turrets and can not kill. At the same time for you enough three shots in passing. 

In short:
The game with the wildest imbalance, you want to play normally - pay, donate decides everything.

And for killing time and quiet passing the company and raids - it's the best! You can play, but do not get into the online, because out of 10 opponents 8 will be much stronger with donatom.


There is no imbalance in Shadowgun Legends

I just cited this passage so you can understand how absurd it is. Continue reading.

"In Shadowgun Legends game just donation does not affect anything at all. In duel mode and 4 to 4 levels all reset to 1, this is the balance. Odd man just did not learn how to play and shoot. Donate here is just for the lazy, all the super guns I collected without donation, even after completing the missions is free. Arena - it's even free, you can even get epic items, well, and occasionally even legendary things fall. But in general, the meaning of the legendary / epic things are not so much, stats are the same, just those perks have more, which in fact do not give anything so unusual. Played in a duel against a donate player, I easily took him out.

Donate here is more for the appearance and these appearance items here, yes, very expensive, but no one makes you take them, the game does not affect it. And hats with the "armor" give nothing, you probably looked in the store, saw the armor for gold and all sorts of pads on his back, and thought it was saving, it's stupid appearance.

That's the way it is 🙂

What else is there to add?

Play. Get to know the game in your own way. And some last tips and secrets.

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

Shadowgun Legends Secrets and Tips

  1. Have fun. The game really well worth it.
  2. During missions there are doors that need to be opened. To do this, you need to pick up images that match the cipher. The main thing here is not to worry, apply logic, and everything will work out.
  3. If you are using ShotgunIf you have a shotgun, show your enemies so that they run up to you. After that, shoot at close range, although I was not attracted to the shotgun. I like the submachine gun better.
  4. In a mission where you have to enter the code - you have to pull the levers in the order of the digits of the code.
  5. During the missions there are gold boxes. The paint falls out of them. But you need a key to open them. The key is bought for in-game currency, you can not throw away the box. What to do? If you accidentally picked up such a box, you can throw it away only during the mission, where you picked it up. Otherwise, the box will just take up space in your backpack.
  6. How do I make money in the game? To knock out weapons and equipment from the Arena and sell them.
  7. How to get legendary weapons or equipment? Reach level 20. And play in the last Arena, there fall out epics and legends. And of course random rules.
  8. Remember that each type of weapon has a different aiming distance. It will take some getting used to. There's a rule of thumb: You shouldn't be too close and not too far away.
  9. All weapons except the sniper rifle support auto-fire function. While aiming the rifle, you will have to press the button to make the shot.
  10. The most inaccurate is. grenade launcher shootingBut it is also the fastest.
  11. You should pick up everything that remains after the battle with the enemy - ammunition, weapons. Especially important is the drop with the alien skull. It gives equipment and armor.
  12. Be sure to Check your equipment after completing a mission. You will receive it as a reward for completing tasks, simply by finding it during a mission, or by accepting it from Pedro Dorado. For this you have to give him back all the stolen sheriff's stars.
  13. Stay tuned for store updates and don't miss out on advantageous talents for equipment.

Shadowgun Legends gameplay help. How to become the best in the game

It is impossible to invent a single plan to always win and take the lead. Players use different weapons and abilities. But there are a few standard rules that can help you not lose.

  • In PvP mode, all weapon characteristics are reduced to the same rank, firing at first level damage. But depending on the manufacturer and series of weapons, the range of fire may be different.
  • Buffs obtained in a bar or casino, do not work, but the drink on the eve of battle can play a cruel joke with you.
  • Armor and power points affect how much damage the player receives. In duels, you are matched up with opponents closest to you in terms of style of play. This is called balance, but it does not work well in PvP mode. This mode takes into account the active and passive skills, which begin to acquire only with the 3rd level, so the newcomers should not play PvP until he has gained enough of them.
  • In battle with a lower level player it is better not to use your active skills. In addition, they are not available at the beginning of the battle. Such skills give you the opportunity to make a virtually unpunished kill or evade fire (invulnerability).
  • The better you know the map, the more chances you will have to make a correct and accurate surprise blow to your opponent.
  • You need to force your opponent to use the button to activate the skill first. If you avoid the effect of this ability, you will have an advantage in the future.
  • Attack when dealing damage and retreat when receiving damage. With equal health, the first one to deal damage is the winner.
  • Do not stand in one place during the fight with your opponent, constantly move, avoid taking damage. Try to shoot in the back and head.
  • Choose an opponent whose skills are higher. Observe his tactics and learn.

Where to Find Legendaries (Weapons and Equipment)

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

Shadowgun Legends - the best shooter for cell phones (review and tips on the game)

Codes for Shadowgun Legends

We have already found out that there is a balance in the game between free and non-free features. But if you want to take advantage of the privileges and bypass the restrictions, you can resort to the trick - Shadowgun Legends hacking with certain keys. You do not have to download additional programs, just enter various combinations of numbers and letters in the game store. You can do it an unlimited number of times, but no more than once every two days.

  • 75,000 money - Xe6n4V8j
  • 37,870 money - OIRR-euiw-2388
  • 15000 gold - 2c79PyrY
  • Alien Hunter Pile - NOY7psA85Q
  • Alien Hunter Award - OWRB7MY1_SL921
  • Rockstar Cache - pAfyCJEf1F
  • Star Award - WKLTNHT9_SL257
  • Legendary Treasure - 4Pc09zOXdV
  • Legendary Treasures - ERTVAKV9_SL775
  • Galaxy Conquest Pack - MdS9ew4FgU
  • Galactic Conqueror Set - 9KYHZ1QQ_SL976
  • Wargames Champ Stash - Zn69JBk6Rt
  • War Games Champion's Stash - CNPX4N01_SL326
  • Hero Costume - eJxLQMm8Nv
  • Hero Chest - ILP2781Y_SL853

Shadowgun Legends gameplay video

A review wouldn't be complete if we hadn't played the game and shown you how it really looks. And after looking at it, decide whether or not you should play it.

Write in the comments about how you pass the game, what tips for newcomers, and just share the article with your friends.

The live-world shooter is rated 4.6 by users who have downloaded it from the Apple Store. In the comments you can read a lot of admiring reviews. The game has its own restrictions (12+), as the developers care about the mental health of its admirers and warn about scenes of violence, profanity and the use of drugs and alcohol in the game.

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