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Where to buy hosting for the site on WordPress

The website management system WordPress is the most popular and in demand all over the world. It allows you to make a site in any direction, provides free templates and plugins, and for an additional fee and a wide range of functionality to customize your site. WordPress is a truly universal system...

Services for prototyping the site: Top 11

Even a small child knows that the limit than to create a site, you need to create a prototype site - (refer to Wikipedia) schemes of its pages, assembled in the structure and partially or completely simulate the work of interactive elements and the server part. The prototype site - a means of quick agreement. There is no way...

Open page in the notebook - online service

Open page in the notebook
Maybe at least once, yes, you came across the fact that you need to image a certain site on a laptop, or on a mac, or on a tablet. And then, at least, I started re-learning Photoshop or looking for a designer who could help me with this. It seems to be a penny, but when you start - it is better not to start. And then I stumbled upon an absolutely marvelous service, which does it in 3 clicks - an open page in your laptop, tablet or phone.