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A famous traveler, blogger and businessman told in his LiveJournal about the services and applications he uses in his travels. He also told me why he takes four phones when he travels.

Travel apps from Sergei Dol

Sometimes people ask me what services are better to use for travel planning. I'll try to put it all together in one post.

When I travel around Russia, I use several applications. The first group is maps. I use three programs:

1. Yandex maps are the most detailed maps of Russia, but they only work if there is a connection.

2. - offline maps. I have the whole of Russia uploaded to my phone - it's almost two gigabytes, but I always have a more or less detailed map.

3. Galileo PRO - here you can download Google satellite maps and use them offline. And I have also downloaded the Generalstaff topographic two-kilometer maps - also sometimes useful.

The second group of apps is everything related to logistics: tickets, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, etc. I buy tickets through Aviaseils, hotels through Bucking, restaurants and entertainment are usually just selected through Yandex (in Russia) or Google (abroad). If you type in something like "sushi near me", imho for Russia Yandex has the most detailed scale and a large base. More than once I encountered the fact that Google can take you 5 km away, although there is another sushi shop right next door.

Yandex is also a bit more convenient to produce pictures, especially if it's some Russian hinterland and you type in something like "farmstead XXX N-region". You can immediately make an impression of the place, poke in the itinerary. If you need to read more to understand whether to spend time on a place, I use Tripadvisor or Currant.

I use the paid version of Tripit for flights, but it's pointless and practically no different than the free version. So don't buy it.

I keep all tickets and important information about the trip in Evernote. I create a separate note for each trip and put there all the hotel confirmations, tickets, program, etc.

It's also important that I take four phones with me when I travel around Russia. Why? To be guaranteed to be in touch when I have the opportunity.

One satellite phone - It's just in case I get really deep into the woods. It's a backup.

Second - My main iPhone with a Beeline SIM. It is all good as long as I travel in the European part of Russia, because when I go somewhere outside Irkutsk and there Bilain is no longer Russia and a megabyte costs 10 rubles, which is robbery in pure form, so when I go to the east, in the phone cut off cellular data at all, as already got with Bilain astronomical bills for a couple of days in Yakutia.

Third phone - Samsung with an MTS SIM card. For all my dislike of MTS and the constant attempts to charge me for who knows what, it is the only operator that works in the Far East at virtually the same rates as in Moscow. The second reason is that there are some programs that only work on android.

Fourth phone - Another iPhone with a travel SIM from Dreamsim. This one is just for emergencies and the middle of nowhere. For example, in the south of Sakhalin, where there is no Russian connection, you can catch a Japanese SIM and send a couple of Instagrams or even vids. Well, everywhere in Russia, it clings to any operator, that is, if in the area where I climbed, there will only be Megafon or Tele2 or Rostelecom, then I can connect to them, too.


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