Services for prototyping the site: Top 11

Even a small child knows that the limit than to create a website, you must create a prototype site - (refer to Wikipedia) schemes of its pages, assembled in the structure and partially or completely simulate the work of interactive elements and the server side. Site prototype - a means of quick approval. There is no faster way to coordinate all the details of the project than to make a draft visual representation.Also under the prototype sometimes understand the scheme of arrangement of information blocks on the site - in fact, the schematic appearance of the site and its internal pages. We decided to publish services for creating a prototype, because there are now a lot of them, you should focus on the best.

Services for prototyping the site


An online tool that makes it easy to create, link, preview, and transfer models of your website or applicationMockingbird


Great online service for drawing prototypes. Supports various Wireframe prototypes (Twitter Bootstrap, Facebook App, Mobile Web, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc.)Mockflow


A functional program that has an online demo in which you can still create some semblance of prototypes. If you like the demo, you can buy it for yourself. I really liked it.Balsamiq


In the app, you can create manageable, button-activated wireframes to create an image of a website or software application. You'll also be able to get comments from others about projects and, once everything is ready, manage project construction tasks for developers and designers.iPlotz

Hot Gloo

This is an online wireframe application. There is a free trial version. You can drag and drop elements, scale, merge, name and rename them. You can edit, comment, and share any element of the design process with colleagues and clients.Hot Gloo


Once a free website skeleton software, Gliffy helps you create simple website skeletons and transfer web models. You can export your wireframe for use in other applications.Gliffy


A user-friendly online drawing tool that allows you to create many diagrams, such as site maps, wireframes, and network diagrams. Although, what can you expect from a program with that name 😉cacoo


A powerful and easy-to-use online charting tool that works directly in your web browser. With its intuitive user interface and built-in collaboration features, Creately makes it easy to work with teams.Creately

Mockup Builder

It's a new take on the old problem of prototyping and providing sketches to clients. really cool. There's free for 2 weeks and then a ridiculous $1/year subscription.Mockup Builder


Create diagrams and drawings such as block diagrams, idea diagrams, network diagrams, UML diagrams, wireframes, user interface designs, and other drawings online with free software designed to create flowcharts. There is integration with Google docs and Chrome.LucidChart


Absolutely free program to create a prototype site. Perhaps, my choice, as of today. Free, convenient, allows you to create and store multiple projects. See for yourself.NinjaMock NinjaMock

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