Continuous Shooting on the iPhone, Apple tells us

Continuous Shooting on the iPhone, Apple tells us

Apple has released a series of training videos that explain how to properly shoot photos and videos with the iPhone. In four videos, the company explains how to take burst and panoramic photos, as well as how to shoot slow motion video and video in the style of Backlight. Soccer was chosen for filming. And most likely this is not just for fun, because it is the World Cup soccer tournament.

Continuous Shooting on the iPhone

What is good about continuous shooting? Because you can take several photos in a short moment and then choose the best one by deleting the rest. Where can you use a burst photo? If we talk about soccer - the moment of the kick. If we talk about natural phenomena, it is shooting lightning in a thunderstorm, or falling water, or something that is difficult to catch frame. In the burst photo function, the iPhone takes several photos at one moment in time, much more than you can take manually. You choose the shot you want. You delete the rest.

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