The secret features of headphones for iPhone and iPod

Headphones Apple EarPodsthat come with the iPhone и iPodSo here's a list of options that you probably didn't know about before.1. play/pauseOne press of the headphone button turns on audio files - music and books - and stops audio being turned on.2. GoPress the headphone button twice to skip forward to the next track or chapter.3. backTriple-tapping the headphone button allows you to jump back to the previous track or chapter.4. Scroll forwardDouble-tapping and holding down the button allows you to scroll forward through the audio file.5. RewindTriple-tapping and holding down the button allows you to rewind audio files.6. Answer or hang upYou can answer or hang up an incoming call at the touch of a button.7. To switch the callA single press of the button allows you to switch from ringer to ringer.8. Reject callOne press and hold down the button will allow you to send an incoming call to voice mail (two short beeps will confirm the action).9. To end an ongoing conversationDouble-tapping and holding down the button will end one of the current conversations (two low beeps will confirm the action).10. Activate SiriOne press and hold of the down button activates Siri.11. Communicate with SiriOne touch of the button allows you to ask additional Siri questions or give additional commands after activation.12. Take photosOne press of the volume button while the camera app is on allows you to take photos. Great for selfies!

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