The secret features of the Apple Watch buttons

The Apple Watch has two physical buttons with which you can do many things

У Apple Watch There are only two physical buttons, but, as with the iPhone, you can do many things with these buttons.Tim Cook announced Apple Watch back in September of last year, and since then a lot has been shown, and a lot remains to be seen. But what we do know is that the watch has two buttons: a wheel on the side that you can also press, and a traditional hardware button under the wheel (or above it if you wear the watch on your right hand). They say that combining long and short presses lets you do many things.1. Scrolling and zoomingRotate wheel to scroll through lists or zoom in/out desktop wallpaper pictures, maps, photos, and more. This is a new way to navigate the digital world without getting your smartphone display dirty.2. HomeOne pressing The wheel takes you to the Home screen. Use the wheel as you would the Home button on your iPhone or iPad.3. SiriOne pressing и retention buttons activates the Siri voice assistant. Of course, you can simply raise your wrist and say "Hello, Siri! However, sometimes it is more convenient to press a physical button.4. Switching to the clockDouble pressing  wheel toggles you from the clock to the last app you were using. This is a very convenient way to switch from the time to what you are currently doing.5. AccessTriple click wheel takes you to the accessibility options. There are still unconfirmed rumors that this combination will work on the new iPhone and iPad.6. FriendsOne press button under the wheel shows you a list of friends with icons for everyone important to you. With one tap you start a message, a call, a picture, and send them emoticons.7. Switching offOne press and hold of the button under the wheel turns the screen off, just like in iPhones and iPads.8. Apple PayDouble by clicking button you enter the Apple Pay mobile payment system. It is worth you authorize once in your iPhone 5 and in subsequent versions, the function will work as long as the watch remains in contact with your skin.9. Swipes and tapsSwipes и presses, catYou can also use the wheel to perform the functions you use on the display.10. Force touch functionPress down to the display to activate the Force Touch function. Use it as an auxiliary (right) mouse button to invoke sensitive options.

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