The most comprehensive review of iOS11. 47 major innovations.

iOS 11 is something to look at.


1. updated status bar

Information about the strength of the cellular signal is now shown in the form of a chart (read as bars), instead of circles. The battery level indicator has also changed slightly.

2. lock screen

In iOS 11, the fonts displaying the current date and time have been slightly reduced.

Swipe from bottom to top  opens the latest system notifications. Convenient, now you don't have to unlock the phone.

3. password entry screen when opening an application

When you open apps through notifications, the iPhone prompts you to enter your password (or use Touch ID), displaying information about which app you plan to open.

4. New icons for standard applications

The branded apps App Store, iTunes Store, Camera, Calculator, Contacts, Notes, Reminders, and Maps have updated icons. Also note the slightly changed appearance of the apps folder.

5. Icons in the dock without names

Fixed icons in the bottom dock have lost their names.

6. Redesigned settings menu

"Settings" has been redesigned. More colorful and clearer. The search bar appears at the top after swiping down.

7. Updated calculator design

The standard calculator has been redesigned, now all the buttons are round.

8. Updated fonts in the dialer

Fonts in the phonebook are now larger and bolder. In iOS 11, the main system fonts are SF UI Text and SF UI Display.

9. Comfortable keyboard for larger versions of the iPhone

If you hold down the symbol in the keyboard to switch languages, you can see an icon to shift the keys. For the convenience of typing with a specific hand.

10. Redesigned message interface

Messages in iOS 11 got an updated interface with quick access to content from different apps. For example, the menu for sending a song from the last played on the device has been redesigned.

There are also new iMessage animation effects.


Customizable control point menu

The system got a completely redesigned control. The design has changed, the player control is back on the main screen, and most importantly, menu items can be added, deleted and swapped (partially).

There is a separate button "Power Saving Mode".

12. Detailed elaboration

Buttons of the menu items of the control point have different colors (when pressed) depending on the theme.

In addition, let's note the detailed elaboration of the items. For example, depending on the selected volume, the image of the corresponding item visually changes.

13. control panel elements got their own settings

Many of the presented items "open" on a separate window for more fine-tuning. And a long press opens a submenu even on older models without 3D Touch.

For example, you can control all wireless features, including modem connection mode, and select the appropriate audio playback source in the player.

14. The item "Recording from the screen" appeared

Now you can record video from the phone screen with just one tap. The corresponding selection appeared in the control item. You can make recordings without sound, or turn on the microphone. They are saved in the Photo app.

15. The item "Do not disturb the driver" appeared (while driving)

The purpose of this feature is to block all notifications while the iPhone owner is driving (for safety).


16. Improved animation and updated icon

The company's voice assistant Siri has received an updated interface and a new icon.

17. Updated Siri speech

Apple engineers "taught" Siri to better understand what intonation and accent should be spoken to the owner of the device. It is based on a machine learning system. As a result, Siri's voice became more human. You can compare the timbre of Siri's voice in an article on the official Apple website.


18. Support for Siri text commands

Apple engineers have added a typing feature to iOS 11 when communicating with the voice assistant. When enabled, activating Siri will cause the keyboard to open rather than voice typing.

By the way, if you do not want to communicate with Siri, you can turn it off completely. This can be done in Settings - Basic - Universal access - Home. In the item Press and hold to speak you need to select Off.

#New App Store

19. Redesigned App Store menu interface

The app store has received a completely fresh new design, similar to Apple Music's interface. The home page is updated daily. New interesting games and applications are added to it, and you can read their descriptions directly on the same page.

There are "Today" tabs (shows the game/app of the day, world premiere, reviews, tips, etc.), "Games" (new releases, category tops, most beautiful games, etc.), "Programs" (new releases, thematic selections, category tops, etc.). The icons in the subsections have also changed.

20. Updated preview of the app on the App Store

The design of the app description has become like an article from a magazine. Everything is stylish and beautiful.

The app purchase interface has also changed.

#Apple Music

21. Redesigned Apple Music menu interface

Above the album/playlist song list, there are "Turn on album" and "shuffle" buttons.

Apple Music's "Search" tab is now clearing history.

22. Improved Apple Music search

The iOS 11 search bar displays results by category.

In addition, the songs of the selected artist can be included without entering a specific album (as it was before), as well as in random order.

23. New screen on locked screen

The interface of the player on the locked device has changed, the buttons are now closer to the center. The album cover has become miniature.

24. Selecting a source on a locked screen

In iOS 11, you can select the sound source you want without unlocking your device. Convenient.


25. Creating tables

In the standard Notes app in iOS 11, you can easily make tables. Not Excel, but it will be useful to someone.

26. Scanning of documents

Right in "Notes" you can run the document scanning mode built into iOS. The system recognizes and crops the page in the photo, you can adjust the borders, and switch between color and b/w modes.

You can further process the scan you have made. Third-party "document scanners" are officially no longer needed.

27. Different backgrounds in Notes

You can change the background in the notes. Of the options available, there are several kinds of small and large squares and a couple of varieties with lines.

28. Switching the language for dictation

You can start speaking in Russian in the notes  and, if desired, by tapping the icon in the lower left corner to switch the speech recognition to another language installed in iOS.


29. Moving multiple applications simultaneously

In the new iOS 11, you can move multiple app icons at once. You hold down any icon to enter edit mode, pull it to the side and keep it there, and then use your other finger to highlight the desired app icons you want to move.

30. An easy way to share your Wi-Fi password

In iOS 11, there is an easy way to share Wi-Fi passwords. To do this, you just need to bring the device to the gadget that already "knows" the password at the point with the request for the password from the network.

31. QR codes without additional programs

The standard Camera app has a built-in QR code scanner. You can uninstall third-party applications.

In addition, the camera allows you to turn the smartphone 100% perpendicular to the table (will help when scanning documents), crosses should fully coincide.

Scanning of QR codes can be disabled in the settings


32. Screenshot Editor

After pressing "Home - Lock" the screenshot is momentarily displayed as a thumbnail in the lower left corner, you can click on it and start scaling, adding captions, drawings, etc. There is the addition of arrows, captions and other symbols. From the same menu you can immediately share a screenshot without having to open the Photo app.

By the way, the system ignores the thumbnail that appears in the lower left corner of the screen when you take a new screen photo. You don't have to wait for the thumbnail to disappear.

33. New item in Settings - "Accounts and passwords

There is a new item in the settings that allows you to view passwords to programs and sites. You can enter the list with the data using Touch ID. There you can also change the secret information if you want.

34. Updated contact book

In iOS 11 "Contacts" got an updated interface, there is an option to hide from the "clouds" or all contacts at all.

35. Dial for the Apple Watch

In iOS 11, you can easily turn any photo into a custom watch face for the Apple Watch.

36. Non-hidden banners

You can now enable non-hidden notification banners for any app. They will appear on the screen and will be displayed until the user hides them himself. Allows you to remember to respond to messages in messengers and not to miss an important event.

37. Updated player in Safari

The Safari branded browser got a revamped interface when watching videos. And most importantly, the volume slider now looks human!

38. Easy transfer of data from the old device to the new one

In iOS 11, during the initial setup of a new smartphone, you can easily transfer all the data from an old smartphone by simply bringing the devices close to each other.

39. Updating the camera

The display of the in-camera proprietary photo filters has changed. By the way,  does anyone have them.  uses?

In addition, the system uses HEVC or H.265 format. These are new photo and video compression technologies that now take up half as much space as before for the same image quality.

40. The new Face ID app

The new iPhone X model will add a setting item to unlock the smartphone using facial recognition.

41. New Files app

A new application has appeared, which is an aggregator of all the cloud storage on the iPhone. In order for the "Files" item of the desired storage to appear on your smartphone, you need to install a proprietary application of this service.

42. iCloud Family Storage

The iCloud storage can now be opened to the whole family.

43. New wallpaper

No comment. Please do not confuse the colors of the old Apple logo with the LGBT flag:) Cook has nothing to do with this:)

Retro is back in fashion.

44. Emergency call

Pressing the Power key five times in iOS 11 brings up a menu with the ability to call a favorite contact without unlocking the device. You can configure the patient data and contact number in the corresponding item in Settings.

45. Deleting unused programs

To save space on your device, you can now temporarily unload apps. Programs are uninstalled to save space, and all data and settings are saved on your device.

Unloaded programs will leave a special shortcut on the desktop. Clicking on it will restore the application.

46. Quickly view large attachments in iMessage

The new operating system allows you to view all memory-intensive attachments in one menu. If you want, you can view a list of all files and delete unnecessary ones.

47. Button to turn off

Owners of iPhones with a broken Power button have a convenient way to turn off the device. You can find the shutdown button in the Settings - Basic menu.

The search for innovations continues and if you are already experiencing #iOS11 - share your impressions and new features you've found.

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