Rumble Stars Football - combat soccer with animals

Rumble Stars Football - combat soccer with animals

Rumble Stars Football is a development by Frogmind, the company that created the BadLand universe. As you remember, the game turned out to be more than cool, and so there was a sudden increase in the credibility and level of expectations for the releasing studio. We purposely skipped the game at the time of its release - the Clash Royale-style soccer that appeared looked fresh, but not very high quality. So it was decided to let the game "ripen" - it corrected all its bugs and now exists exactly as it should have appeared in the beginning. By the way, it was mentioned by Google as one of the best competitive games of 2019, and we fully agree with it.

An interesting fact - originally the game was called Rumble Stars Soccer, but, apparently, the developers decided to use the traditional word "soccer" in the title. Because of this there was a confusion on the Internet - the announcement was happening under a different name. As a result, this decision had a negative impact on SEO-promotion of the product - now even the users do not know the correct name of the game.

How to play Rumble Stars Football

Let's start with an explanation of the gameplay - it is based on the mechanics of Clash Royale, namely the cards, the system of their pumping, the chests, the duration of the "time", the period of "increased mana accumulation" and the game to 3 goals (think 3 crowns), the number of card characters that we can use in the game (a deck of 8 characters and 4 active). Our task is to use the characters in such a way as to score 3 goals or more than our opponent. Each character has its own characteristics - scoring, passing, and supporting, as well as a few "items" like a magnet or cannon. We need to find a combination that contains a little bit of everything, and that combination should be synergistic as well. Actually, that's the key difference between Rumble Stars Football and Clash Royale - we're not fighting here, we're playing soccer, so you'll need soccer skills and some minimal strategy too.

We would like to note the uniqueness of each character - the main role here is played by animals, and each was given an unusual nickname, such as "The Breaking Tiger" or "Sniper Wolf. The characters have abilities - Tiger can score goals, but he passes to the player ahead of him; Wolf takes a long time to aim, but kicks powerfully at the goal; Dog never kicks the ball and acts as a playmaker; Panda mostly sleeps, and wakes up (and thus kicks the ball) only when the shell is in close proximity. All in all, you have to get familiar with these features and understand their mechanics in order to put together a better team. Here's a relatively recent video of the best decks:

Tactics in Rumble Stars Football

Globally, we can divide the players into running and standing, and all of them can be "thrown" into the field - to do this, you just need to swipe the character in the right direction. The length of the swipe determines the trajectory of movement, and some of the animals can ricochet against the wall - this is done so that they do not gather in one pile, otherwise they will become very stupid, because their actions are subject to certain triggers. If your character is standing, it should be thrown closer to the gate (Panda) or put near his (Cannon). The easiest strategy is to put Cannon in the goal so that it creates an additional natural barrier to the ball.

Introducing moving characters also depends on the number of players on the field and the effectiveness of your combination. Another simple strategy is to put a Dog in the field to pass; a Buffalo to aggro the players and knock the ball out of them; and a Panda or Wolf as strikers. I had an interesting (and also random) muv - there were 2 players on the field, I released Dog, who took the ball and passed it to Panda, who was standing in the middle of the field. At that point, I threw out Frog, who intercepted the ball on the fly and scored - this kind of thing seems to happen, too. With the newer, better cards, you'll be able to make complex combinations.

Why Rumble Stars Football is not very popular

Right now, I can see several reasons why not as many people play Rumble Stars Football as I would like:

Unstable connection to servers

Sometimes there are moments when the game starts to lag, or even crashes. Maybe the problem is in my connection, but I play on different Wi-Fi and sometimes even on 4G - the symptoms are the same. Just like with Brawl Stars.


Truth be told, the game requires a lot of study, because these very combinations have to be really invented, and that's harder than just fighting in Clash Royale. And any complication (read: moving away from casuality) does not add to the audience.

Minor lags

Look at how clearly, quickly and well optimized everything is in Clash Royale - figures are put without any problems, there are no drops, spikes too. The minor sublags in Rumble Stars Football are annoying, especially when you need to make a quick combo.

Although there are always a lot of players online and you'll have no problem playing. So if you haven't had a chance to experience one of the best competitive mobile games of 2019, now is the time.

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