Royal Revolt 2: tips, cheats, defense strategies for the base

Royal Revolt 2: tips, cheats, defense strategies for the base

Royal Revolt 2 is an arcade strategy game with 3D graphics. Build your kingdom, improve your defenses, build alliances, and defeat real players from around the world. Millions of downloads and great reviews have made Royal Revolt 2 one of the best games! Developed for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Royal Revolt 2 tips is a must have, because you will want to stop playing 😉 while you figure it out.

- Excellent three-dimensional graphics - Multiplayer Strategy - Battle Arena of your own designThe essence of the game: create a deadly maze to protect your castle treasure (gold) - think Tower Defense and pump and dress his hero and his army to seize treasure (gold and honor) from other players, participate in mini-leagues and receive awards (ruby).There are many reviews and tips written about the game online, I will write about my experiences and tips, by analogy with Nonstop Knight game walkthrough. Well, let's go.


There is no clear sequence here. The game itself tells you which building you can't build or can't build without the other. From the obvious Throne Room If you do not plan to play in the Alliance (about the advantages of playing in the Alliance below), you can not build Alliance Towerbecause it is built for rubies (crystals) and the higher the level of the alliance you want to create, the higher the level of the tower. If you plan to play as a "mercenary" - welcome to our alliance, it is called - apps4.life, search, join in.

Wisard's Tower There are spells that you will use to crush your enemies, and frankly, there's not much more to say about the buildings. Allocate your development equally between defense and peaceful structures (towers, traps and barriers and peaceful structures). Although I have a slight bias towards defensive structures. It can be very nice and painful to screw up a higher level of foes 🙂 I'm not sure what to do with them.

Military Academy - explore new units for the army and improve current ones.

The Treasury - store gold. Protects a certain amount of gold that will be saved in case of an attack. With each level - this number increases.

Inventor's Workshop - investigate and improve the defensive structures. By upgrading the technology, you can strengthen the line of defense and protect the kingdom and its treasures.

Castle Guard - hire the soldiers who will defend the kingdom. Determines the number of waves and their composition when defending your kingdom. Don't forget to increase the level of waves - the level of waves is not seen by the opponent, so it can be a big surprise for him, so derive the level of the wave and the soldiers in it - the maximum. 

Blacksmith - the ability to spray armor into another type of currency - pearl. Pearls allow you to improve the characteristics of armor, spells and defensive structures. Castle Gate - the last bastion in the defense of your castle, as well as one of the requirements for the construction of other buildings or structures. Each new level generates 2 additional sections of road on which the enemy will walk, one trap and a tower. Use it wisely.

Bunker - a place to store food.

Food is generated The farm. Try to empty the Farms completely at night, so that at night they will accumulate to their full potential.

Taverns - produce gold. Very little. So save it for expensive purchases - closer to a million.


Royal Revolt 2 tips - characterHas clothes :). You can dress, change, and color in the Throne Room, which makes sense. Choose what spells to hit enemies - in the Tower of the Mage or just before the fight. I use these:

  • Hammerstrike - Effective against units and buildings. Effectively complements the more specialized spell pool. Low recovery time.
  • Firestorm - burns everything and can be used effectively against units and buildings, but is weak when used against blockades.
  • Rain of Swords (Swordrain) - Most effective against units and has the longest range. It is a must in the arsenal.

Other spells:

  • Poison cloud - Effective against armies. Best used against huge armies. As long as Rain of Swords wins.
  • Stun - is best used when the opponent is stronger than you. Use it when you are at a disadvantage. I don't use it because I try to take a player who is not at a high level.
  • Healing - allows you to heal troops from damage, fire and poison, but not the hero! Depending on the strategy can be very strong.
  • Blizzard - Slows down units and damages enemies. Magical mixture of two useful ingredients. I haven't seen a good use for it yet either.
  • Shield - is best used when attacking with a huge army. Gives an advantage in the decisive battle.
  • Blade Storm - is the most "long-lasting" spell, and is best used against defensive camps.
  • Sonic Explosion - causes great damage to everything. This spell will help in the most risky situations.

In addition to spells you can use Scrolls - this is the same, only times stronger and for the precious currency - rubies. Use it, but only when the critical situation and the battle to win very, very much, for example a good reward or points of honor do not want to lose.

By the way, I recommend a good new card game: Legendary Game of Heroes and a fun strategy game Mini Warriors: Three Kingdoms


There are a few things to know about the Caves:

  • The caves have to be passed
  • In the Caves you do not need to chase the maximum level of the Cave
  • In the Caves you can unlock new creatures in your army (I like the Mummy - by the fact that it is summoned immediately at the place of the hero, I have not yet reached the others. If you have something to say, speak up in the comments)
  • It is possible to have an excess of food in the caves.
  • And here's the hack! Caves are a great place to get honor points! Often much better than from live opponents. Use this when participating in mini-tournaments.
  • If you get a swag in a cave, you get one cell added for free, but it disappears once the swag is sold or sprayed for pearls.

The result of tip number three (below).


Royal Revolt 2 Tips

  • You already got some advice - about caves and points of honor. Read above.
  • The strategy of defensive buildings on the road everyone has his own, but I'll allow a couple of remarks:
    • Building in heaps is bad - one spell can cause all defenses to collapse
    • Build defensive structures closer to the Castle - it will take longer for reinforcements summoned by the enemy Hero.
    • practically obligatory several towers (1-4) in the area in front of the gate itself, not only will they shoot back, but you take away precious seconds from the attacker and it may happen that he did not have time to finish one of the towers, which means victory is not complete = loss of gold, but a small points of honor.
    • Don't neglect to upgrade your defensive structures - they should be at the maximum for your level. I often get honor points from unsuccessful attacks on me and my crown.
    • The longer the road, the longer it takes to walk along it.
  • First of all, pay attention to defense - in small levels it is more important than chasing the level itself.
  • Be sure to raise the level of troops and waves.
  • Ice towers are best burned by fire.
  • Defensive structures can be removed "in reserve" in order to build another one instead. So if you have a lot of gold, you can try different strategies.
  • Rubies will appear to you one way or another. Save up for your next acquisitions:
    • Additional worker
    • Additional spell
    • Additional slot for troop type in the squad
    • Additional worker
  • Find "farms"-players who have a lot of money and they are beneath you in level. Add them to your "Favorites" and rob their coffers. This is the best way to save time on finding a good target, as well as to replenish the treasury. It is a pity that the maximum number of Favorites is 10.
  • Don't try to guess which chest will contain the reward, where you guess three out of six. There is no logic and no common sense. More precisely, the logic is that at the moment of opening it is determined whether there will be a win or not, and not in advance, as in thimbles.

Here's an example of a farm:

Royal Revolt 2 tips - farmRoyal Revolt 2 tips - farm

Video on how to build a base defense in Royal Revolt 2

The video describes the base defense strategy in great detail. It's really very cool, with all the tips. However, it is in English. If you have difficulties - write in the comments - I will translate it for you, although as for me everything is clear as it is.

Join our alliance in Royal Revolt 2 - apps4.life

Join our alliance in Royal Revolt 2 - apps4.life

And by the way, great background information - http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki

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