Ringtones on iPhone. Step Two: How to Download Ringtones to Your Phone

In the previous article we told you how to download a ringtone or make your own. Now we'll look at the next step: how to download the ringtone to your device.So, you've managed to make a ringtone yourself or find it on the Internet. Let's assume that the file is located in your Ringtones folder. Generally, we recommend that you create a folder for ringtones in iTunes-Media. In case you need to move your media library, you will bring your ringtones with you: in that case, the folder will be at C:\username/My Music/iTunes for Windows users.-Get the USB cable from the Apple and connect your iPhone to the computer- Go to iTunes- Select your device - Select the "Sounds" sectionrington05If you don't have such a section, go to "Settings iTunes and check the "Sounds" boxring1n- Now add the ringtone to the media library iTunes. You go to File > Add to Media Library, and add a ringtone by selecting it in the "Ringtone" folder.rington06- Go to "Sounds" on the device page and find the "Synchronize Sounds" section. In the sub-item select "All sounds" or "Selected sounds" (if you selected the latter, check the boxes of the ringtones that you want to synchronize with the device).ring2n- Click the "Synchronize" button and wait for synchronization to completering3nDone. Your ringtone is uploaded to iPhone.Part 1: Ringtones on iPhone. Step one: how to make

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