Rich Rocket

Crash Game Rich Rocket

In 2020 the developers of Lucky Elephant created a unique crash game Rich Rocket. This is the first slot of this provider. Debut work conquered gamblers with originality and great winning potential. Entertainment is available for free and for money. The simulator is presented in HTML5 format, which allows it to activate on all devices.

Crash game - a new, rapidly gaining popularity genre of gambling entertainment. Visitors to online casinos are increasingly giving preference to these slots. The highlight of crach simulators is the ever-increasing odds. The main thing is to have time to take your winnings.

⚙️ Update:  March 11, 2021.
💎 RTP:  96,30%
💻 Platforms:  Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
🎰 Demo:  Yes
💳 Payment: Card, Bank transfers and more

The result of the game is influenced not only by the GSC, but also by the decisions made by the gambler. Among other crash entertainment Rich Rocket is distinguished by the presence of a unique feature Jackpot Safe. It is activated after a few rounds. The user gets the opportunity to open safes with prizes. Estimate the benefits and features of the simulator can be in demo mode. The payoff of the machine is 96.7%.

play Rich Rocket
play Rich Rocket

How to play Rich Rocket

The player is invited to test his intuition and luck. How high will the gambler allow the rocket to fly before it explodes? It is necessary to make a bet in advance. The greater the gained height, the higher the coefficient and a solid winnings. Need to have time to take your money before the crash, otherwise the bet will be burned. Rich Rocket game and its basic rules:

  • bet must be placed before each round, you can use the "AUTO BET" option;
  • you should keep a close eye on the coefficient, which grows in the central part of the screen;
  • the amount of winnings is the bet amount multiplied by the multiplier;
  • The player needs to press "CASHOUT" in time before the rocket falls;
  • "AUTO CASHOUT" allows you to set the size of the odds at which the winnings will be taken automatically.

Before you start playing for real money, you should get acquainted with the machine in the demo.

Rich Rocket Game Features

The unique game has a number of original options. Users can check the fairness of each round to make sure that the odds do not change depending on the bets and always remain stable regardless of other variables.

It is impossible to influence the settings of the machine from the outside. The integrity of the gaming process is monitored by the regulator and the independent Gambling Control Commission.

Also Rich Rocket bot has unique graphics and interface. The gameplay is not like playing classic slot machines. Users who want to get new emotions will be delighted.

Graphics and sound

The online simulator has a simple and even ascetic design. The playing field is presented as a coordinate plane. There are no reels and lines. Graphical elements and symbols are also not provided. Growing odds chart and the buttons on the control panel are on a solid blue background.

A special delight is the soundtrack, thanks to which players are immersed in the atmosphere of the flight. During the game you can hear the sounds of the explosion and the noise of the rocket engine. If you want, you can turn off the audio in Rich Rocket 4rabet's settings.

Auto Cash Out function

For maximum user convenience, the machine has the AutoCheckout function. Preliminarily it is necessary to set the coefficient at which the game will automatically stop, and the bet with the winnings will be credited to the account. This option allows you to make the game easier and more enjoyable.

When using the Auto Cash Out feature, it is recommended to use a small or medium risk strategy. In this case, the probability that the rocket will reach the given odds is very high.

It is also worth activating Rich Rocket application in demo mode to get experience and choose a multiplier for betting. This will save you money and get better acquainted with the rules of the game.

RTP and volatility

The developers have given the slot a high percentage of returns. RTP reaches 96.7%. This allows users to count on making a profit. It is possible to play in the black only at a distance. The specified percentage of return is valid on average for every $100 of bets.

The volatility index is average. This is the optimal value, which allows players to count on a positive outcome of the gameplay.

Rich Rocket features
Rich Rocket features

Where to play the game Rich Rocket?

The slot machine is available at online casinos. Before you activate the slot for money, you should carefully choose a gambling establishment. What to pay attention to:

  • availability of a license;
  • positive feedback;
  • a wide choice of payment systems;
  • wide assortment;
  • quick withdrawal of funds;
  • Quality design and clear interface.

One of the best gambling establishments that have a crash machine is 4rabet. Also available to gambling fans is Rich Rocket Telegram bot slot. It is equipped with artificial intelligence, which allows users to get answers to their questions and tips for a more profitable game. With the bot gambling will become even more profitable and interesting.

Rich Rocket deposits and withdrawals

The developers have provided in the simulator a convenient and quick way to deposit and cashout. All financial transactions are safe and protected by encryption protocol. A variety of popular payment systems are provided for deposits:

  • electronic wallets;
  • bank cards;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • bank transfers, etc.

Rich Rocket game Telegram is a new profitable game, which is incredibly profitable to activate for money. Using the techniques of responsible gaming, bankroll management and well-chosen strategy, you can get a solid profit. Withdrawal is carried out in the same way as the deposit.

Rich Rocket Game: Demo Version

Like all slot machines in online casinos simulator can be activated for free and without registration. To do this, gamblers get chips that are used for betting. The gameplay is no different from the paid. The only difference is that the winnings received cannot be cashed out. Advantages of the demo mode:

  • gaining experience;
  • familiarity with the game;
  • to check the effectiveness of the strategy;
  • setting selection.

During the game, the user does not spend personal funds and does not risk them. At any time you can change the game to a paid mode. To do this you only need to register at an online casino and fund your account. It is also proposed to download Rich Rocket game to your mobile device. In the application you can activate the machine in the demo without connecting to the network-Internet. Problems with access users will also never have.

Rich Rocket Demo Game
Rich Rocket Demo Game


Rich Rocket - mobile version

You can play Crash Slot on the go. To do this, you either need to download the application to your device or open the mobile version of the entertainment in your browser. The game is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. The application has an elegant interface, attractive design and convenient functionality.

For those who do not want to install additional software on their gadget, a mobile version of Rocket Rich is offered. The slot was created in HTML5 format and does not differ from its desktop counterpart. The game automatically adjusts to the features and screen sizes of any device. Thanks to the developers guarantee no loss of quality when playing from mobile.

How to Win at Rich Rocket

It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game. The result of the rocket flight depends only on the GSC and the decisions made by the gambler. However, there are a number of recommendations that will increase the chance of winning. This does not guarantee 100% victory, but will affect the positive outcome.

Many players use strategies. The most popular:

  1. Martingale. After each loss you have to double your bet. After winning the investment returns to the initial value.
  2. Laboucher. It is similar to the previous one, but after winning you only need to take one from your bet.
  3. D'Alembert. After each loss the size of the attachment must be increased by one.
  4.  1-3-2-6 or Cancel. Defeat forces you to double the bet. After winning one unit is removed from the invested amount.

The result of the game will also be positively influenced if the player reads Rich Rocket Telegram review and reviews of real players beforehand. Tips and recommendations of users will help to choose their optimal strategy. You can test them in demo mode.

How to win at Rich Rocket
How to win at Rich Rocket

Tips and Tricks

In addition to ready-made techniques are also a number of tips from experienced gamblers, adhering to which you can significantly increase your profits.

  • bets must be placed before the start of the round;
  • It is not necessary to press the highest odds;
  • the higher the rocket takes off, the more likely it is that it is about to crash;
  • the size of the bet depends on the size of the winnings;
  • Use the "AUTO CASHOUT" function;
  • set a low coefficient to stop the game;
  • Follow the promotions and bonuses online casinos, it will get more money to bet;
  • Use bankroll management - the amount of bets must match the size of the bank;
  • hen you are unlucky, quit the game, don't try to win back, continue next time.

Using strategies, controlling emotions and adhering to the principles of responsible gaming can win a solid amount.

Rich Rocket help bot in Telegram

Thanks to the special bot, which is based on AI, you can take gambling to a new level. Players can ask their questions and ask for advice. Recommendations received in the bot will allow to manage finances more efficiently and get winnings more often.


Can I play Rich Rocket for free?
How to play Rich Rocket for money?
What is the maximum bet?
What is the minimum rate?
Can I play Rich Rocket on my cell phone?
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Can I play Rich Rocket for free?
Yes, the simulator is available in demo mode without registration. The free game will allow you to get acquainted with the entertainment, gain experience and pick a strategy.
How to play Rich Rocket for money?
Register at the online casino, deposit your account, open the slot and click "PLAY NOW". Here you need to select the size of the bet, as well as determine the game mode - automatic or manual.
What is the maximum bet?
The biggest investment in the Rich Rocket game is $100.
What is the minimum rate?
The minimum investment in the crash game is 0.10 cents.
Can I play Rich Rocket on my cell phone?
Rich Rocket online slot is available to play on Android and iOS devices. Users can download and install the program on their device or play in the mobile version of the online casino. The simulator automatically adjusts to the screen size of any gadget. The device is made in HTML5 format.