A revolutionary app for those who work with texts

Drafts is a great app for writers and those who deal with texts in one way or another

We want to tell you about an app that you've probably always wanted to have on your phone.With this app, you can click on an icon and start writing right away. You don't have any trouble filling out notes, entering addresses, or managing folders.This app is a handy notepad for writing down words. And when you make a note, you can decide what to do with it next. Email it to yourself as a reminder. Or save it as a text file. Or even turn it into a separate document for mailing or blogging. iPhone и iPad called Drafts.At startup. Drafts you start recording right away. There is no need to think about the file name or document name, or figure out where to save it in Dropbox. In addition, synchronizing notes between your iPhone и iPad happens easily and imperceptibly through iCloud.drafts-apps4lifeBut that's not all.You can customize the app to suit you. You can create custom "actions" - a sequence of things you want to do.For example, you create an action that allows you to copy a passage of text, then paste it into a new document Drafts and then swipe and tap to attach it to the file you have in Google Drive.You can also create custom actions to publish posts to Twitter. Or sending to current contacts. Or creating a calendar event.You can even make custom entries in JavaScript.This app truly revolutionizes workflow.If you use iOS and work with words, this app is worth your time and $4.99.Download Drafts(Via)

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