RescueTime - keeps track of what you're doing on your iPhone

On iOS. there is an extremely cool app that I use on my desktop computer. It monitors and sends data about me to the Pentagon and the FBI. In addition, it shows me in a nice graphical way what I spend my time on when I'm on the Mac. Now I will be able to find out all the same things about my iPhone. Moreover, I can find out in the standard way - through the battery load, to see which application loads the battery the most, but here we are talking about what I spend my time on, not the battery.

Download RescueTime free from the AppStore.

RescueTime - keeps track of what you're doing on your iPhone

RescueTime - how you use your time on the iPhone

The developers have spent the last ten years creating the service RescueTime. This service will help you become more productive, focused and balanced. Today the mobile version of this service is out. So, what does RescueTime do, what is it so good and useful for? First of all, we're talking about the free version here. The paid version costs $9 a month.

  • Automatically track the time spent on your iPhone, on which apps, and at what times. All of this correlates with data from your work computer, where RescueTime is also installed, and the result is displayed in excellent graphs;
  • Set and track targets for both desktop and mobile;
  • Get into good habits, quit the bad ones (but carefully) and become more productive.


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