Reigns is a card king simulator

Reigns is a card king simulator

Perfect game: costs a fixed amount, does not require an internet connection, short game sessions

In 2016, not very famous company Devolver Digital released a game called Reigns - another king simulator. In this case, the developers have come up with quite interesting gameplay, which is based on cards - each time "subordinates" come to you and ask certain questions. Most of the questions can be answered "Yes" or "No", and the answer you choose has a direct impact on the current state of the country. If you make the right decisions, you will live a long life, get a historical nickname and be remembered as a wise ruler. Incorrect decisions, in turn, will quickly end your tenure on the throne.

Reigns (download from App Store)

Your task is to keep the kingdom in "working" order, and to do this you need to keep the population, army, religion, and treasury in harmony. Each decision directly affects the state of one of these indicators. For example, a bishop comes to you and says that another temple should be built so that people can pray because the churches in the country cannot cope with the huge number of parishioners. If you give your consent, the indicators "religion" and "population" will increase, but "army" and "treasury" will decrease, because some money will be needed for construction, and the army is always weaker when religion is strengthened. But it also happens that only two indicators change, not four. All these changes are shown at the top of the screen, as well as the result of the decision you make. So it is not fair to answer questions, but to think what will benefit the country right now, even if those decisions contradict your inner principles.

reigns game for ios

In addition to the actual gameplay, which is all about swiping cards left and right, the game offers some missions to complete. These are not always obvious, and can be accomplished not in the first board, but after several generations. To do this, you unlock new cards in the form of missions or characters, combinations of which, in turn, will unlock even more new cards. The game has several endings: the natural death of the ruler from age, the resentment of the Church / army / population, various kinds of disease, attacks by other nations, black magic and so on. As it turns out, the life of a ruler is not a constant ball and entertainment, but a serious work that requires making difficult decisions and keeping a balance.

The game was so simple and exciting at the same time that in 2016 it made the list of the best games from Apple, received a huge number of good ratings (4.8, 749 estimates for the Russian App Store) and was a great success. The developers were inspired by the results and released the second part of the game.

Reigns: Her Majesty (download from App Store)

At first glance, the sequel does not differ from the first part - the same faces, the same kingdom, the same gameplay. However, unlike the original Reigns, we play as the king's wife, and this complicates the story, because you have to think for yourself and for "that guy" (the king, of course). This means that the game becomes a little more difficult - the intrigues begin to build against you, the wrong decisions can affect both your fate and your spouse. The game now also captures the Renaissance, which will ensure the presence of several famous historical figures (and their prototypes), well, make the game more interesting. In addition, the developers redesigned the internal component of the court - now the intrigue will be more interesting and intricate.

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If you haven't played the first part, it's OK if you start from the second one - they are not related to the story. The developers also added a little RPG component, and now in the game you need to look for the artifacts that will help to change the course of the story. In general, the game became even better, even more interesting, even more diverse - and received an even higher rating of 4.9, 949 ratings in the Russian App Store. A very cool game whose success could not go unnoticed, so soon the developers were approached by HBO representatives and suggested adapting the Reings series for their popular series. So the third part of the game appeared.

Reigns: Game of Thrones (download from App Store)

According to the gaming community (and top reviewers), Reigns: GoT is the best game based on Game of Thrones, not only because there are no other options, but because it is a really interesting product. The developers have changed the game, the plot is now based on Melisandre's visions, which suggests how events in an alternate universe would have turned out if someone other than Cersei (as now) had been on the Iron Throne. The game is tougher, the rulers have the ability to destroy other heroes (as in the original series), but just as interesting.

How to unlock characters in Reigns: Game of Thrones

Daenerys - available from the start

Tyrion - available from the start

John - at one point turn to you (if you play as Daenerys) for help, after her death becomes an available playable character

Cersei - When you play as Tyrion, the scouts tell you that Cersei has escaped to Casterly Rock, and you must order her capture and then bring her to justice

Sansa - will ask you to buy wildfire, after which it will become available to play

Jaime - opens when you play as Cersei. You have to wait for Winter, and when you are informed of the White Walkers, Jaime will appear and offer to find the dragonglass. Accept, or you won't be able to play as him.

Arya - another character who is revealed by Tyrion (oddly enough). You must be informed that an ally of Cersei's has been murdered, and you will have to initiate an investigation to do so. Once you realize that Arya is the mastermind, you will unlock the character

Gendry - A non-obvious playable character to play as in Reigns: GoT. He is discovered with the help of Arya - one day a blacksmith comes to you and offers to forge swords for you, but your court moneymaker starts taunting him. Stand up for the smith, because it's Gendry, who will become available in the next game

The Three-Eyed Crow - opens after you unlock all the characters and play as them

Game of Thrones walkthrough

Endings in Reigns: Game of Thrones

Each character, in addition to the standard endings, also has story endings. They are not as complicated as in the previous games, but for them, as you know, you need to run a script, that is, make some certain decisions. Here they are:

Daenerys - You will receive a complaint that your dragon Rhaegal is out of bounds in the neighborhood. You can only stop him by taming him, and you have to choose a rider. So, when you arrive at Reigal, you can either touch him or look at him. Then you will be offered to choose a rider - the correct choice is this: Sansa - if touched, Tyrion - if looked at. The right rider will kill all the whips and Westeros will find peace.

Tyrion - Wait for a certain pyromancer to appear; he has valuable information about wildfire. You need to order him to collect as much wild fire as possible to make a trap out of it, choose the lake of God's eye as a "pawn". The white walkers will start their attack and go through this very lake, the trap will work and destroy all enemies.

John - He will be approached by Daenerys and informed of the theft of a certain artifact from the Witches. This is the beginning of the script, meaning that you are on the right track. Then you will need to talk to Varys (this is important) and the pirate, from the latter you will buy Valyrian powder. This powder must be given to Tarly in order to forge swords of Valyrian steel. It's true that the procedure is long, it will take a lot of time (8 moons, to be exact), after which you will fight and defeat the vihts. The difficulty is that you can die in those 8 moons.

Cersei - She needs to discuss and agree with the Pyromancer (see Tyrion) on the development of catapults. She will have to wait 10 moons - then the Walkers' army can be defeated with them.

Sansa - It has a rather complicated ending with an interesting plot twist. It begins with your army reporting that Jaime has been found, after which you must demand that he be captured. You need to put him behind bars and then offer to marry him, but when he clarifies whether this is Sansa's wish, you need to answer that it is her choice. After that, you'll have to spend a lot of time negotiating a truce with the other nations (Council > Diplomacy). At the time of the wedding, tell the Great Septon that the marriage will not only take place in front of the Seven, and tell Marie to come closer.

After the wedding there will be a war, and it is necessary to properly deploy an army against the enemies:

  • Archers vs. Giants
  • Knights Against the Undead
  • Drogon versus Viserion

Jaime - he should tell everyone that he is Azor Ahai. In the battle itself, you must also deploy your troops correctly:

  • Archers vs. Giants
  • Knights Against the Undead
  • Combat Vehicle vs. Viserion

Arya - when you play with Ballerion, he will call you to the dungeon. There it will turn out that the cat was controlled by Bran, and he will ask you to return to Winterfell, you will have to announce your return through the council. There, at Winterfell, you will need to reveal your true identity to Sansa and Jon Snow. When the war begins, deploy your troops as follows:

  • Archers vs. Giants
  • Knights Against the Undead
  • Drogon versus Viserion

Gendry - a very strange ending. Trigger begins with the appearance of Arya, who will make you play the Game of Shadows. You need to defeat her - that's how Arya can be sent to find the Horn of Winter. The hardest part is waiting for Arya, as the exact waiting period is unknown. You wait for winter, give yourself a chance to kill, use the Horn of Winter.

As you can see, all parts of Reigns are original and unusual, but Game of Thrones is highly recommended to play, even if you are not familiar with the original text. Download it by all means!

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