Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo

The whole editorial board is waiting for Diablo on mobile devices (actually, no), we really love it and are waiting for it. That's why we see other games as a kind of substitute: the same AnimA or Eternium could claim to be the new Diablo, but there's always something missing. And then Raziel: Dungeon Arena came out. I didn't pay attention at first - the screenshots in AppStore are very poorly chosen, but when I saw its size in 4G, I realized that it could be something interesting. And so it did. And as usual, there will be both a guide and tips and a review of Raziel: Dungeon Arena.

Raziel Review

I'll start right away with its disadvantages - there is no Russian language. For whom this is a problem - it's a problem. There's not so much text that you need to get into, but there is some history, there are descriptions of weapons, skills and a lot of things, so a minimum knowledge is still needed.

The game welcomes you with a pretty good tutorial. You don't even need English. Choose from 3 characters to control: Swordsman, Archer, and Magician. Looking ahead - we will manage 3 characters, one by one or whatever we want, ie, you can choose anyone you like, and then there will still be 2 more. But the main, understandably 1, which can also be changed. By the way, I noticed that even though my archer had a higher attack than the paladin, but he still hit harder and he was fatter. But the archer I just play more interesting, and the magician has not yet come across.


Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo


The training itself lasts 2 chapters. Told who and why we have to save, while opening up new sections in the game itself. So, in addition to one skill - the usual archery, there are 4 additional skills, and each skill can have more additional abilities. It turns out that you can make a set of skills from 12 pieces, awesome. It is clear that they are opened as the level of the hero.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo

Armor and Weapons

In addition to a set of skills - dress the character. A total of six clothes can be put on. They will fall from the horn of plenty. Almost immediately will fall legendary items, they, as in Diablo, need to be identified. The legendary shmot have additional features, for example: the ring - when using the active skin, there is 25% probability to launch light snares, which deal damage in the form of 20%. Kuldun 5 sec. 

Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo


A little later it opens the possibility to manage the stones (gems), which can be inserted into any weapon or armor, in the amount of 1 piece. And then pump it up. Stones can increase the attack, mana (it is gained by auto-attack, and spent on skils), armor, life, and so on.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo

Cooperative play

After passing the main campaign - it's 2 chapters, we get to go to the world. And the world can do all sorts of mischief. We're talking about raids on different orcs and non-humans. And here is the most important thing. You can not do it alone, but in the company of friends! How cool is that!

Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo


At first I was very surprised that all the gold and loot had to be collected by myself. But soon my disappointment passed - I was given a pet that began to do it for me. In addition, he is also supposed to hit the enemies, but I've never seen him beat anyone :). Animals can take 3 of them, but only one is displayed. Their level can be increased by feeding.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo


There is a system of crafting. You can craft various potions, stones and so on. Nothing complicated.

Raziel: Dungeon Arena - This was supposed to be Diablo

Talent tree

Another thing that surprised me was the talent tree. It's just like a real Path of Exile, but in mobiles. Of course, I haven't dealt with it yet, there is an auto-recommendation, but I'm sure that there is. something to look at and parsing.

Of course, on English-language resources, I have already seen tons of different kinds of tree layouts, but I want to practice a little myself. A little later I will add information to the same article.

talent tree

Combat and gameplay

Now about the fight. It's beautiful. The archer, aka Vilsack, is a pleasure to play - a lot of damage, a lot of movement, but fragile health. I haven't met any worthy opponents yet.

For paladin, aka Bison also fun to play simply because he deals huge damage, he has a lot of armor and health, but all in one place. Now all shown in the video, see below.

Eventually there will be their own buildings that will give money - the Lamp.

Do not forget to find the chests on the map and open them.

All in all, that's it, let's keep playing. A little later I'll tell you tips and tricks on the game.


I'll note right away that so far everything is quite transparent and clear, there are no intricacies, so the advice will be obvious. Moreover, who at least once played RPG, then understands what you need to do: to dress up the character as much as possible and advance through the levels.

  1. You can play, at least in the early game, on any character, it's purely a matter of loving a certain gameplay and manner of play.
  2. Go through the campaign. It has 10 chapters. For each passage and during - you get a lot of loot.
  3. Do not forget to upgrade the skils, after passing the level - to change the clothing - soon you will have it all legendary.
  4. Every beta has abilers, read them carefully to pick up on your team.
  5. Make some friends. That way you can go through some dungeons together.
  6. Join the Guild.


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