RAID: Shadow Legends - the best wall-to-wall

RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

Gather a team of your best fighters and go on a raid

Global release RAID: Shadow Legends (download) took place on March 1, 2019, but, as it turned out, the gaming community for the game gathered already last year and since then has been actively participating in open beta testing, gaining experience and collecting top characters. And, oddly enough, the product of the Ukrainian company Plarium Global has become a success, including in the Russian-speaking community - the average rating of RAID: Shadow Legends is 4.8, for the game voted more than 2.1 thousand players. The game has a similar rating in the American store, but with 3.9K votes, at the time of writing. This rating, as a rule, indicates either the success of the project, or paid evaluations - so we decided to check the product in fact.

At first glance

The game is a turn-based strategy with RPG elements, in which we fight in a wall-to-wall format. To do this, we assemble a squad consisting of characters of different shapes, races and sizes, each with a specific set of abilities and skills. With all this RAID: Shadow Legends is positioned as a collection strategy, that is, the characters have to be obtained by calling - for this purpose using in-game coins and shards (of different quality). But not the ones that need to buy for real money, but the special summoning shards, which fall out for the completion of the campaign, completing tasks and battles in the arena.

raid: shadow legends guide

Characters, of course, can be pumped - they gain experience in battles, get the loot and unlock different skills.

Artifacts - which to choose

With clothes and weapons here everything is a bit confusing. They are called artifacts - and are dressed as they should be, on the head, arms, weapon, shield, and so on. Upon achieving artifacts (pumped by coins) of a certain level they open up passive skills, helping the owner of the item in combat. Remove the artifact just can not - have to pay a certain amount for the replacement of equipment, which is quite strange, because the characters will be a lot, and the items will have to scatter over the heroes constantly. Such a "find" we did not like - it is clear that this is in the long run another potential opportunity to earn real money, but let's not do it so brazenly. Such mechanics is very similar to the use of "runes" in similar games, but Plarium decided to go their own way. It is worth mentioning that artifacts are divided into classes and when you combine 2 or 4 artifacts, they give certain bonuses:

  • Life - set of 2 artifacts gives +15% to health
  • Attack - 2 artifacts +15% to attack
  • Protection - 2 artifacts +15% to protection
  • Crith chance - 2 artifacts +12% to crith chance
  • Marksmanship - 2 artifacts +40 marksmanship
  • Speed - 2 artifacts +12% to speed
  • Taunt - 4 artifacts +30% chance to apply provocation
  • Heavenly attack - 2 artifacts +15% to attack + shield 15% on itself for 3 turns
  • Steal Life - 4 artifacts - heals at 30% damage dealt

Using artifacts and combining them correctly is one of the keys to the game. Use artifacts competently. Usually if you click on a character, then on "Collection" and "Grades" and the "Suitable Artifacts" tab there are recommendations for each character. Stick to them and raise your artifact levels. I recommend upgrading artifacts with 4 stars or higher. Less than that makes no sense.


Among other things, there is also a certain storyline, which traditionally tells about the liberation of a certain Teleria (another mythical world) from the bad guys. Note that we intentionally refer to the "bad" rather than the "evil forces", because we will be making up squads of "good" and "evil" characters: the latter will include undead, werewolves, orcs and other evil things. During the passage of the campaign between levels there will be small text boxes that tell about the development of the plot. Perhaps someone will be interested in it - the story is interesting, so we recommend reading it at least at a quick pace.


And the picture - it's pretty good, typical MMPORPG's graphics, with inherent cut-outs and bulges in female characters and ripping biceps in male ones. Truth be told, everyone's faces are monolithic - when the characters yell or talk their mouths don't open and their eyes don't blink. Not to say that it's hackwork, but some people might not like it. The main screen (essentially the game menu) looks like a cheap game - you could get a little creative and make the interface a little more unique. However, here we are picky, but the game has to justify its rating somehow. Maybe it's all in the game, let's see?

Buildings in the game

From a little bit:

  • Tavern - we buy all sorts of stuff. There's no particular need to buy anything. Except for splinters, and that's...
  • Training Camp is where your heroes train when not in combat. A hero cannot be in Training Camp and in combat. This is a great place to develop characters that will go to "meat".
  • Mine - bought with crystals (which are for real money). Payback in 100 days. Everyone decides for himself whether it is worth buying. In general, the game does not require much donation, unless you're not in a hurry.
  • Portal - summoning heroes.
  • Tavern - developing heroes.
  • Great Hall - we spend arena points to develop one of the factions. Here look what good heroes you have more, that faction and develop.

That's all. Not much.

In-game chat

I will write separately about this. This is probably the first game where Ukraine has been given separate general channels. Usually all of the Russian-speaking population lives in Russian channels, but here they have separated them. This is new and very cool and nice. Respect, Plarium.

Heroes in RAID: Shadow Legends

Characters in RAID, as we said, are summoned with shards and money. They are, of course, divided into several levels - simple, rare, mythical and legendary - the colors of the heroes' avatars. And also the heroes have stars (from one to four) - it shows the development of the character. And at first they are yellow, and then they can be "repainted" into pink, increasing the level and abilities of the hero. Rare (blue) hero can become 6 stars, but he will never become legendary (ginger), so pray to the god of Random that you will fall sooner legendary heroes. By the way, the first one is given by the developers after the 7th day of entering the game.

At the very beginning we will be offered to choose one of 4 characters - archer, mage, warrior and "barbarian" (if you played Diablo, you know who we're talking about). It's better to choose the archer (not only because of her appearance and too "feminine" animation of attack) - she has the ability to mop up the troops of the enemy in volleys, plus she gets useful buffs for killing enemies. She also has enough health to tank damage, and she has a good average among her peers.

heroes in raid: shadow legends

Experienced players also recommend taking the Archer (or Orc, if the archer did not please something) and pump the hero to level 40 - so you can score the character 4 stars. I.e. first up to level 30, and then you will need to "feed" 3 hero with 3 stars, she will add 1 star (4 in total), but it will start with 1 level, then extremely uncomfortable.

The first crystals Better to save up for a later purchase 11 Ancient Shards for 900 rubies - Yes, it's not an easy task, but regular shards will fall to you every 24 hours + in dungeons and campaigns. Ancient shards, in turn, will ensure the appearance of characters at least epic level.

There is no way to name the best characters in RAID: Shadow Legends - logically, the legendary characters will be stronger, and the game is much more effective combinations of characters, rather than any individual personality. Nevertheless, the players offer this kind of tee-list:

Legendary: Kazar, Septimus, Errol, Kymer, Princess, Queen, Fu-Shan, Mortu

Epic: Zargala, Goldtear, Hordin, Zelotah, Gorgorab, Sinesha, Bigjaw, Crimson, Nazana, Grim

Rare: Executioner, Coldheart, Athel, Apothecary, Valerie, Deathchanter, Warmaiden, Conquerer

talents in raid: shadow legends


Update from 03.07.19. Guys, brought you a Tier List of all the heroes in the game - the rating of the heroes in the game.

All heroes in the game are on the tee-list

The pictures are clickable. To enlarge - click on the picture. It's clear that the best heroes in the game are Legendary, but among the epic and rare ones you can also find worthy specimens. The same archer we talked about, which is given at the beginning - is quite good in the beginning and middle of the game. At high levels of course she does not pull, and it's better to replace it with fallen out legendary heroes.

If anyone wants to translate the table - write to the contacts on the site.

Legend. Note that the same characters are great in the campaign, but can be useless in the arena:

  • SS are the best heroes.
  • S are great characters.
  • A is the beginning and middle of the game.
  • B is for the beginning of the game, then fodder.
  • C is *shitty.
  • D - feed.


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

The High Elves

RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

The Holy Order

RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

Ogrin tribes

RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

Undead Hordes

RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

Dark Elves

RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall


RAID: Shadow Legends - the best RPG wall-to-wall

Talents in RAID: Shadow Legends

Talents in RAID are worth special mentioning, because there are really a lot of them, and you can choose only once - you can re-select only for money. That's why we offer you the list of the best talents in RAID: Shadow Legends according to the gaming community:

Attack branch

  • Tir 1: Eye Diamond (5% critical damage)
  • Tir 2: Blood and Milk (a hero with a full health bar deals 5% more damage) - for Arena heroes; Brutal Blow (10% critical damage) - for everyone else
  • Tir 3: Sip of Life (the hero is healed at 5% of the damage dealt when attacking with 50% of health or less)
  • Dash 4: All the Trouble (the hero deals 6% more damage to targets with a maximum health higher than his own)
  • Tir 5: Methodical Attack (each use of the basic skill increases the damage from it by 2%)
  • Tir 6: Thunder of Giants (hero with 40% probability deals extra damage)

Protection branch

  • Tir 1: Stone Skin (+75 to Protection)
  • Tir 2: Rejuvenation (the hero gets 5% more healing and protection from the Shield bonus)
  • Tir 3: Death Wish (the hero is healed at 10% of his maximum health when he kills the enemy)
  • Tir 4: Brutal Harvest (hero with probability 60% imposes a Parasite penalty for 1 turn)
  • Tir 5: Payback (a hero with a 50% probability uses a base skill to counterattack when he loses 25% of maximum health from one enemy skill)
  • Dash 6: Steel Skin (+200 to Protection)

Support Branch

  • Tir 1: Persistence (+810 to maximum health)
  • Tir 2: Depending on your shields or hit points respectively: Healing Lancer or Shieldbearer
  • Tir 3: Rapid Reaction (a hero with a probability of 30% replenishes the turn scale by 10% when the bonus applied to him is removed or the action ends)
  • Tir 4: Raising the Spirit (bonuses of basic artifact sets increase by 15%)
  • Tir 5: Depending on whether you have buffers or debuffers on your team, choose between the Auxiliary or Combat Charms
  • Tir 6: Elixir of Life (+3000 to maximum health)

As you can see, RAID: Shadow Legends is a very deep game that you can't figure out in a day - fans of such RPGs will appreciate it.

Some tips for the game

  • To get 3 stars for completing a level, you must not lose fighters and pass 1-2 characters, instead of 3 or 4. You must pass for 3 stars in order to collect rewards for the stars.
  • The penultimate level of the campaign gives more experience than the last
  • The higher the difficulty of the passage, the greater the chance of obtaining a high-level item
  • Experience points are distributed equally among the champions: getting 1000 experience points in total, for 4 characters will be distributed by 250 points; for 2 characters, respectively, by 500 points. Use this if you need to pump up your characters faster
  • Mine gives a profit only in the long - 100 days
  • Swing better at the penultimate level, it is he who gives the greatest profits in experience.

Referral program

Friend, in case you happened to come across this article, then you have a great opportunity to help me and yourself. Sign up for the RAID game at the link and then we'll both get cool rewards:


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