The five most tangible disadvantages of Android

We would like to tell you about the five most tangible disadvantages of the Android operating system

Android is generally good, but from time to time it can really piss you off. We want to tell you about the five most tangible shortcomings of the operating system.InsatiabilityMany applications for Android - are simply insatiable: they hang in memory, constantly doing something, consuming traffic, load the CPU and interfere with the work of others. In the opinion of Android'a, there should be enough resources for everyone, and therefore it does not unload such applications until the amount of RAM is reduced to catastrophic levels. Because of this voraciousness, the smartphone can waste up to 30% of charge per night in standby mode.Lack of a normal multi-window modNew smartphones and tablets are coming out all with larger diagonals, Android are used for TVs, laptops and monoblocks, the processors of the devices are not inferior to some desktop processors in terms of performance. And at the same time, there are still in Android it is impossible to work with several applications at once. Some smartphones and tablets (for example, LG or Samsung) have a multi-window mode, but it does not work with all applications, and, in addition, is not very conveniently made: it is not possible to drag a file from one window to another, in Windows or Mac.No updatesThe giants Apple and Microsoft are very fast in presenting updates to their devices, which cannot be said about Android. There are a large number of devices, and they all differ significantly from each other, but most models are not sold in very large batches, and it is too expensive for the company to force programmers to develop new firmware every time. It is much easier to produce new models on a familiar version of Android. And the manufacturers are not even trying to solve the security problems inherent in the old versions Android.Tons of cheap devicesBecause of its accessibility, openness, and free of charge Android many manufacturers started saving money everywhere, because Google wasn't watching. As a result, the market is flooded with smartphones and tablets with horrible screens, low-quality batteries, weak cases, inadequate memory capacity, squeaky or hoarse sound, and poor connectivity. Because of their low price, these devices sell well, but they have absolutely every flaw AndroidThe following are some of the most important things you can do: lack of memory, apps that freeze, complete lack of updates, and so on. It's probably these devices that create Android The system is notorious for being unstable and wildly glitchy, driving users away from it.VirusesViruses for Android appear with enviable regularity, with each time becoming more and more complex. Google Play has built-in antivirus, but sometimes a virus can get through it as well. Chinese smartphones are especially dangerous in this regard: they often have apps embedded that send messages to premium numbers, draining cell phone accounts clean. It's all because Google doesn't keep track of what's being released on its operating system.

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