PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

One of the most popular online survival shooters in the "battle royale" format. The game is a full-fledged port of the computer version of the shooter, so it preserved all the weapons, ammunition, items and most importantly the mechanics of the gameplay. If you don't have an extra 900 rubles, but you really want to play PUBG, you can try the mobile version by downloading it to your iOS or Android device.

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PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

PUBG MOBILE - gameplay review

As stated earlier, the game is a mobile shooter in a "battle royale" format, where out of 100 real players only one will be the winner. The only goal is to survive, at any cost. It does not matter if you take part in every firefight, or hide and sneak behind the backs of your enemies. If you survived, you win, if you're outside the play area - try to get back to it as quickly as possible and continue the fight.

The first thing you should do is choose a game mode. You can play alone or with friends (randomly selected players). While searching for players you can get acquainted with the controls, pick up weapons and shoot with them. Direct gameplay will begin at the moment of the plane flight, from which you have to jump out by parachute. Upon landing, we find weapons, ammunition and start surviving by fighting other players.

Controls in the game is responsible for the usual multi-position joystick and a set of buttons that allow you to change weapons, use grenades, open the inventory menu and, of course, jump and shoot.


Useful tips for playing PUBG MOBILE

Never stand in one place

PUBG is the kind of game where you have to be constantly on the move. You can get shot in the forehead in a matter of seconds if you just think about it and find yourself in an open area. Experienced players can sit next to the sniper rifles and survive such ineptitude to make another frag. So once in the open area try to move unpredictably for the enemies, from side to side, constantly changing the direction of movement. You might be able to run to a shelter and use the first aid kit.

PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

Use grass as shelter

Not everywhere you can hide behind a house, a concrete wall or a rock. Sometimes you have to run in an open location where your only protection is the grass. Yes, tall grass can protect you from snipers and allow you to slowly move forward, overcoming the cherished meters.

PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

Hide in the water

Water, as it turns out, can act as a protective barrier. While underwater, your character will not take damage from shots, but you should remember to replenish your air supply.

Recharge your health in a timely manner

There are several ways to heal your character in the game. Bandages, painkillers, and energizers. At the moment of using the first aid kit you can see the appearance of a scale divided into four divisions. 1 division is responsible for slow health restoration, 2 division - for fast health restoration, 3 division - increases movement speed, 4 division - improves aiming.

PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

Take your shoes off.

There is no limit to the realism. If you take off your hero's boots, his footsteps will be much less audible to the enemies.

Close the doors

It is very easy to distinguish an experienced player from a beginner. An experienced player will always (practically) close all open doors behind him. A beginner will forget about them and is likely to be punished. If you see open doors, it means that the house has already obutalized, and it is not worth going into it, or, another more experienced player did it on purpose, to lure you. Either way, try to avoid houses with open doors and don't waste your time.

PUBG gameplay video


Many players know that the game has a couple of bunkers where you can find useful weapons, ammunition, and first-aid kits.

One of the bunkers is located near the town of Severny.

One of the bunkers is located near the town of Severny.

The second bunker can be found near the town of Mylta.

The second bunker can be found near the town of Mylta.


Most newbies, picking up numerous modifiers for weapons, have no idea how they can be useful in combat. We will consider the most useful modifiers that we used ourselves.

  • Compensator - allows you to reduce the cocking of the gun during firing.
  • Silencer - reduces the volume of shots and echoes.
  • Stock - stabilizes the weapon and increases the accuracy of shooting.
  • Chocbor - reduction of bullet dispersion.
  • High-capacity magazine - more rounds in a magazine, which is never superfluous.


There are two types of sights in the game: collimator sights and optical sights. To the first we can refer a sight called Red Dot Sight and Holographic Sight, and they both allow you to aim much faster.

The latter may include the following scopes: 2x Aimpoint Scope, 4x ACOG Scope, 8x CQBSS Scope and 15x PM II Scope. In simple words, these sights will be useful at long distances, as they allow you to zoom in on the target and make more accurate shots.

Tips for Vehicles

  • As you move around, you can move around to confuse enemies and open fire on them from the passenger side.
  • Do not forget to fill up the car in time, otherwise at the most inopportune moment the fuel will run out, and you could die.
  • Do not leave the vehicle at high speed, the resulting damage can be fatal.
  • Cars without roofs reach much higher speeds than cars with roofs.

PUBG: tips, tricks and tactics in battle

How to fight in PUBG - tactics

At close range

When approaching your opponent, it is best to use the automatic firing mode. Especially, it will help you when entering the premises and during unexpected encounters with enemies. It is enough to aim at the opponent to make a couple of shots and knock him out.

At long range

Shooting enemies at a long distance from them is very difficult. That is why you should use one of the scopes. If your opponent is running or moving in a car, it is better to shoot forward, because the bullet needs some time to overcome the distance.

Don't be sure of yourself - don't engage

Beginners often start shooting everything that moves. Of course, you should not do this, because you do not know what level of armor and helmet your opponent has, what kind of weapons he has and whether you can finish it at all. If you have doubts, avoid the enemy.

Shrubs and other shelters

When the size of the area is reduced and any wrong action can lead to death, the first thing to look out for is nearby shelters. Concrete walls, iron barriers, cars, rocks, and even ordinary bushes can be the key to taking TOP-1.

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