A walkthrough of Machinarium for iPhone and Android

A walkthrough of Machinarium for iPhone and Android

The passage of Machinarium on iOS and Android can be simplified by following a number of our recommendations and tips. The game is made in the best traditions of the old school of quests. A huge number of witty puzzles and rich imagination of the developers will surprise you.

A special feature of Machinarium is very close interaction with objects, the environment and characters. In the process, all the key actions are performed independently, at a short distance from the target. You will not only have to guess what is required of you in this or that situation, but also clearly indicate what to do and with what. The only drawback of the game is the short duration of the plot, so do not use the passage of the game Mashinarium, try to pass the game by yourself.

For your convenience, the Machinarium walkthrough guide we broke down into logical chunks that define each level of the game. There are separate hints for each Machinarium level. Which ones? Read below.

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Machinarium walkthrough

The passage of the game Machinarium - detailed video

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Passing the Junkyard level

Passing the Junkyard levelImmediately the hero finds himself among a pile of garbage, with his body divided into several parts, and a bathtub falling on top. To remove it, you have to touch it twice. After that:

  • Press on your robot's body to make it go down;
  • Assemble the robot parts by touching them with your fingers;
  • Expand the parts of the robot when an arrow appears after touching it;
  • Offer the mouse next to you to bring a leg, for which you give him a teddy bear;
  • After assembling all the body parts, tie the magnet and the braid;
  • bend the column, using a magnet and tape.

Passing the checkpoint level

Machinarium walkthrough

The passage of Machinarium at the checkpoint level is like this:

  • Take the top part, throw the rest away;
  • mix the blue and white paint, and then paint the cone;
  • climb up the column, attaching a beam to each level;
  • Stretch the robot to reach the light bulb at the top;
  • Then take the straps and pull the lamp.

Passing the level Industrial district

Machinarium walkthrough

At this level, follow these instructions for a successful passage:

  • climb the steps up and take the hook;
  • using the hook, climb up to the beam and set the lever in position 2-A;
  • Staying in place, stretch the robot, and, jumping up, grab the beam;
  • climb the beam to the shoe and pick it up;
  • place the shoe on the rail;
  • Remove the wheels from the cart.

The Stokehouse Level

Begin to pass the level when the enemies disappear from the horizon:

  • Find the door on the right, take the hook for yourself;
  • press the red button;
  • Move the three levers to the positions - down to the stop, second lever up to the stop, third lever down to the stop;
  • press the button on the side;
  • jump on the wagon;
  • As you go upstairs, jump over to the convex surface;
  • Use the hook to open the box with the gear panel;
  • click on the wires at the top left;
  • Go down and activate the lifting mechanism: to do this, jump on the cart and get to the pipe by pressing the lcm.

Passing the Camera Level

Machinarium walkthrough

Passage of Machinarium in Chambers

  • collect materials - grass, clap, roll of paper;
  • stretch the robot to get the lamp and connect it to the grass and paper;
  • give the prisoner a cigarette in exchange for his hand;
  • use your hand for the hole in the wall;
  • by double clicking on the cabinet take the mop, which we connect to the valve and open the hole;
  • go through the tunnel on the right side to open a new opening;
  • When the guard goes to get more marbles, click on the chair, pick up the remaining marbles and scatter them on the floor;
  • When the guard collects the balls, steal the key from your belt;
  • Open all the cells, enter the middle one and take the plunger;
  • Go to the last door with the password 04-45, open the secret box by solving the puzzle;
  • find the gun that connects to the plunger to lift up.

A woman with a dog

Machinarium walkthrough

Use this scheme here:

  • move the drawers under the magnet to open the panel with arrows;
  • arrange the arrows like this: red at the bottom, yellow at the top;
  • put the crate in place, go to the control room for the tank;
  • Press the button to the right until you reach the desired position;
  • After you click on the top buttons, and after you click on the bottom buttons;
  • Go downstairs and kill the dog;
  • Take the umbrella from the girl and go on.


You will see musicians who need your help, they will ask you to find the right instrument (or part of it) or to clean the instrument.


In this level you will be in a cabaret, where it is necessary:

  •         buy tape to catch flies that are near the tank outside;
  •         launch the caught flies at the bartender to take the drum away from him;
  •         pick up the flower the granny throws at the musician.


In the saxophone level you have to play checkers and beat your opponent. After losing he will scatter checkers and you need to collect at least five and give them to the musician. He will play for you, but granny will again throw a flower, which you also take for yourself.

Getting the Cat

Here we follow this plan:

  • climb the steps on the left to the house near the clock;
  • In the window near the pillar there will be a riddle, which must be guessed;
  • the right part falls out, but it is stolen by a bird that sits on the cable;
  • You go to the bridge, rock the robot so that the bird starts to repeat the movement and the part falls out;
  • pull the cable to the handrail;
  • walk up the steps;
  • Help the master to turn off the device by standing on his head;
  • Take away the red wires;
  • Help the master get the cat by de-energizing everything around him.

Clock Square

Machinarium walkthrough

  •         find the oil on the bench for the robot in the checkpoint area;
  •         collect it in a canister;
  •         empty the pool and go down the hatch;
  •         But first you have to turn on the receiver by finding parts for it in the chapel near the railing;
  •         turn the hands on the clock as shown in the picture behind the rusty robot, which has gone;
  •         The robot will give you the key when its work is done;
  •         the second key you will find in the book on the bollard, then close the water in the pool and crawl through the hole.


  • press the red button;
  • in the window below you will see a hostage;
  • put the bowl on the stove, throw the corn in there so it kicks the hook out;
  • throw the hook to the hostage;
  • After that, use it to get the rubber hose out of the hood;
  • You stoke the hose on the stove and soak it in;
  • go back to the other robot and charge the hoist;
  • operate the lever and then go inside.

Botanical Garden

  • move the height unit to the right;
  • find the panel on the left and solve the problem;
  • take the plank from under the flower to cover the blade;
  • pick up the magnifying glass upstairs;
  • trace the butterfly, or rather, the color of the wings to open the closet in the future;
  • plant a sunflower and collect seeds;
  • light the lanterns near the pantry according to the color of the butterfly;
  • pull the lever;
  • collect the oil after processing the seeds in a pre-prepared oil can;
  • go down the pipe and give the robot oil, for which he will let you into the game room;
  • turn on the automatons with the lever on the right;
  • Collect coins from vending machines to buy batteries for the guard;
  • in the elevator, take the robot dust collector from under the flower;
  • Take the lamp from the robot and start the elevator;
  • behind the flower leaf you will see a diagram to turn on the elevator and go to the second floor.

The Bomb

On the last level of the Machinarium Bomb:

  • turn on the lever on the vacuum cleaner so that it goes to the toilet;
  • stand on the robot and take your scissors;
  • Turn off the electricity;
  • move on the robot under the galley;
  • take the light, put it in the dust collector, and turn on the electrics;
  • hook the chandelier to the toilet, turn the lever on the dust collector up and pull the toilet out;
  • lower yourself into the hole with the help of paper;
  • Disable the bomb by entering this combination on the levers: D, B, E, A, C;
  • Go back to the second floor and help Megamozg by pressing the red button on the switchboard and solving the riddle;
  • pick up the adapter behind the open door and connect it to the Megamizm;
  • solve one more problem;
  • After recovery, Megamozg will give you a lamp and a map;
  • in the elevator, enter the desired combination and go to the underground;
  • Take the key from the glass drawer by smashing it with a hammer from the pedestal;
  • Take away the freezing canister with the key;
  • freeze the lock in the basement and smash it;
  • pick up your beloved and listen to the tune on the Megamouse receiver;
  • Then a star will appear on which you need to click, climb the helicopter and go home.

This concludes the passage of Machinarium. Admittedly, it takes a lot of time and effort.

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