Rules of Survival game walkthrough: tips and tricks

Rules of Survival game walkthrough: tips and tricks

To Rules of Survival walkthrough was exciting and easy, we recommend that you use real tips and tricks rather than general facts. So below we'll look at some basic tips that will reveal a lot to you.

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Rules of Survival games

Rules of Survival game walkthrough: inChoose a management scheme

When you start playing Rules of Survival, think about whether or not the default control option is right for you. The developers offer different options for players, but especially recommend the item double tap to turn around. After all, then it will be easier to move due to the double tap to 180 degrees, often saving your life in the game.

Think about the best place to disembark

The battle royale begins by landing from the plane, but before you do, you need to check your parachute to see how you're doing with where you're roughly landing. Remember, it's better to pull the ring in the last minutes to get there faster and get your loot. About the landing spot:

  • in the center of the map to get to the epicenter of the battle;
  • in the distance so that other players destroy themselves.

It is better to use the first option, and gradually move toward the center, completing mini-quests. After landing, review where the opponents are, where they are moving. If the place of movement is the same, then you need to shoot the enemy on the approaches.

Core subjects

After disembarking, you need to collect items, but start with the backpack and helmet. You will need the former to collect the other items, and the latter will save you from a bullet wound to the head. Also especially needed:

  • weapons for close combat;
  • rifle with telescopic sight.

Thoughts as a rival

It is necessary to think through a strategy, to estimate the enemy's line of behavior. You can set traps, for example, putting ammunition in an empty house, wait for him in one of the empty rooms. If you visit empty mansions, it's better to close the door behind you and inspect all the rooms beforehand.

Take your time.

RulesofSurvival is not played in express mode, patience is required. While the others will fight and kill each other in the center, you can gradually go to the loot, collect weapons, equipment and monitor your health. Many players do not pay attention to the health level, are complacent, which causes them to die faster.


Playing RulesofSurvival it is better to use headphones or maximum sound to hear the footsteps of enemies. As soon as you hear footsteps, the sound of a moving car, hide until the danger passes. Also about the approach of opponents indicates the indicator HUD.

By the way, the sound of an airplane or a powerful battle can drown out your footsteps, which you can use to destroy enemies.

Circle boundaries

The mechanics of the game are designed so that the battle area is constantly decreasing. On the map you can see two circles, the boundaries of which are gradually getting closer. Your task is to get into the smaller circle as quickly as possible to avoid defeat. Although at first levels, the damage will be small. The best thing is to be on the edge of the circle until the last moment, which is risky, but justified.

Set traps

Remember that all players are trying to avoid damage, so hurry to the first circle, which you can take advantage of. Find shelter on the edge of the circle, closer to the road, and after your opponents appear, destroy them.


From time to time planes drop chests with useful and very rare items. The best tactic is to sit on high ground near the chest, waiting for your opponents to approach and to destroy them. After everyone is killed, you can take all items from the chest.

By the way, do not forget to use grenades, which cause enormous damage, can destroy the entire building, several survivors. But opponents who play with sound can detect you after using grenades.

Third-person view

Not many people use third-person view, but it helps to look around corners, walls, or windows. Learn how to view the path without harming your character.

Group with friends

Most player alliances break up in the first minutes after landing on the island. But to build your team, keep an eye on players after landing, because not everyone uses tags or voice chat correctly. Make friends with the best players and create a team to increase your chances of winning.

Pass the game RulesofSurvival can be without significant losses in the short term, if you initially use tactics, strategy, analysis, the ability to wait and think like an opponent.

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