The sign of a good iPhone book is its presence in the AppStore

The sign of a good iPhone book is its presence in the AppStore

For many users, the iPhone has become a multifunctional device and has replaced all other gadgets. Thanks to continuous improvement, the iPhone is acquiring versatile features. It is a newspaper in the morning, an organizer and work tool in the daytime, a TV in the evening and a book at night.

It is thanks to the wide range of various useful applications in the Apple Store that users can customize their iPhone by installing the necessary ones. Reading enthusiasts claim that reading from the screen is not only comfortable, but also not as bad for eyesight as they say it is. Comfort for the eyes is achieved by specially adjusted mode - adjusting the brightness of the screen. In addition, there are many applications designed specifically for this purpose.

Branded reader

Apple Books (download) is a long-known and widely used reader. It is quite easy to use. It is built according to the principle - "nothing extra". Only two formats are available for reading - PDF and EPUB. When using it, there is synchronization with all Apple products with the same ID. It is possible to work with the text: set a bookmark, highlight the important, put a footnote.

Apple Books (download) is a long-known and widely used reader.

Alternative reading apps

This section will include popular applications that work on a similar principle. Some have a wider list of available extensions, others have a more extensive library, and still others have a user-friendly interface. The principle of their work is approximately the same. It is up to the user. He is free to choose the application he likes.

KYbook (download) is suitable for fans of comics, because it supports rare formats CBR and CBZ, as well as familiar and widely used EPub, CHM, FB2, DJVU. Another advantage is the ability to work with audio formats.

KYbook (download) is good for comic book lovers

Amazon Kindle (download) is a reader from a well-known e-book manufacturer. Available formats are HTML, DOC and DOCX, RTF, TXT, and Kindle Mobi. In addition to the standard book reading, you can read reviews in the app. This is a very handy feature, because it allows you not to make a mistake in choosing your future book. Bookmarks and a dictionary are available for the user.

Amazon Kindle (download) is a reader from a well-known e-book manufacturer.

Digital Libraries

These applications allow you to keep all your books in order, arrange them alphabetically or by rating, and create folders of books by the same author or genre. They are designed to make it easy for the user to navigate through their favorite electronic publications.

BookBuddy (download) is an application that has in its description a simple explanation - "personal librarian". This program is designed to organize books and manage your library. It allows you to quickly find a book you need or share a favorite book with your friends.

BookBuddy (download) is an app that has a simple explanation in its description - "personal librarian".

Stand-alone editions and individual books

In the Apple Store you can also find completely self-contained publications, which are a single book in electronic form. This can be a Bible, and various encyclopedias, and a collection of interesting facts, packaged in an application such as "Books in an Hour". Both paid and free apps can be used to supplement your personal library. Read the best books online offers free downloads of the world's bestsellers and several thousand other books.

Transurfing Reality (download). Includes 17 psychology books that have changed no mind, changed no life. There are 14 audiobooks available to listen to and 6 video lessons to watch. Cost $3.99.

Transurfing Reality (download)

Shantaram (download free) - Gregory David Roberts all audio books. The acclaimed novel about the life of an immigrant in India, quite bulky and weighty in the printed version, is now available to users in a readable form. You can refer to it at any time for a quote, of which there are many in the work. Includes the second part, "Shadow of the Mountain." Both novels can be listened to.

Chantaram (free download) - Gregory David Roberts all audio books.


Lack of time is not a verdict for readers. They can listen to a book, and you don't have to download a new audiobook app to do it, because most readers provide that function.

Audiobooks by Patephone (download) is an app with a lot of positive reviews. The first week of use is absolutely free. During this time, the user will be able to appreciate the clearly structured catalog, fast downloads, and collections broken down by topics. For further use, it is possible to subscribe.

Audiobooks by Patephone (download) is an app with a lot of positive reviews.

Modern devices are not the enemy of education and are in no way a path to degradation. If used intelligently, they become assistants, teachers, and mentors. The Apple Store opens the door to the world of e-books to anyone who knocks.

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