@PrivatPayBot - Telegram-bot of Privat for small business for cashless payment

@PrivatPayBot - Telegram-bot of Privat for small business for cashless payment

More recently, Privat Bank has issued PrivatPayBot, allowing entrepreneurs and all small businesses to receive cashless payment for goods through POS terminals and the scandalous Telegram messenger. To start using it, all you have to do is activate the bot in the messenger, backing up your card or bank account number.

According to the message - this is an ideal solution for businessmen, entrepreneurs and even small sellers who do not want to use POS-terminals yet. Such a service will not let a customer who does not have cash with him, keeping the security of payments. Because the bot creates a code to pay for a certain product.

During the purchase via PrivatPayBot the seller has to enter the transaction amount, after which the bot creates a unique code and displays it on the screen. Then the buyer scans the code through Privat24 and the payment is made. The process takes minutes, and the results come back to the seller in PrivatPayBot.

Functionality of the @PrivatPayBot

PrivatPayBot can not only make purchases and generate a code for the goods, but also inform about the nearest branches and ATMs of PrivatBank, show the exchange rate, create a personal profile and inform the customer about the latest news of the bank.

@PrivatPayBot - Telegram-bot of Privat for small business for cashless payment

The functionality of the bot is quite extensive:

  • automatic registration and optimization of information, so the user receives all the requested information immediately;
  • a daily update of the exchange rate of the national currency;
  • news update;
  • Supports three languages - Russian, English and Ukrainian;
  • convenient management and design, thanks to which you can ask questions to the bank and find out information about their customers.

As a result, we get a bot that is connected to Node.js and provides synchronicity in queries. By the way, the database is located on MongoDB, and stable operation is provided by hosting Azure Cloud, so you don't have to worry about data security. Time will tell how good and useful PrivatPayBot will be, although the prospects are great.

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