Applications for storing discount cards on your phone

Applications for storing discount cards on your phone

Since everyone is now used to using discount and discount cards in stores, it's important to keep them in one place. To avoid carrying around whole stacks of cards, it is worth using discount card storage apps, which are designed for iPhone, Android and Windows. You can download them from any Store, and they are often free, have a simple interface, and are multifunctional. When choosing discount card apps for your phone, take note of a number of those that we'll look at below.

Wallet. Discount cards

 Download Wallet  for iPhone, on Android.

Wallet. Discount cards 4+

Wallet - is the optimal option for those who want to get rid of the abundance of discount cards, save time at the checkout and regularly receive information about discounts and promotions from popular retail chains. The mobile app is unique in that it is able to store information about discount, bank and transport cards, coupons, and promo codes. All purchases will be tied to one app, and all you have to do is attach your smartphone to the scanner or dictate the cashier's card number from the screen of your mobile device.
For ease of use, the Wallet app simplified user registration and designed two ways to transfer card information:
  • Scanning with a cell phone camera.
  • Manual entry of the number from the barcode.
The developers are constantly adding to the app the ability to recognize discount cards from popular retail chains and online stores. To become a member of the loyalty program, you don't have to fill out an application form in the store: register and sign up for a virtual bonus card directly in the app.

Stocard - customer cards

 Download Stocard  for iPhonefor Android.


Many people have come to trust the storage of discount cards to Stocard, a customer card program that stores all the data for free for android or on your iPhone. You can easily select and add any of your cards to the list. To do this, you need to find a list of already existing ones for your area or create one yourself if the store is not on the list. To do this you only need your phone's scanner and camera. To select a map you need to open the application, press the "+" sign, then enter the region and select the map. If it is not in the list, then create your own by adding contact information.

The main feature of this application for discount cards is the ability to back them up and not having to constantly carry them in your wallet. Since the card code can be read with a scanner in stores, boutiques, cash registers and cinemas.


 Download Mobile-Pocket  for iPhone и for Android.


Mobile-pocket is a digital wallet that can store not only cards, but also discounts, bonuses, bar codes and even club cards. After the update for iOS 8, the developers guarantee the security of data storage, because 1Password, which synchronizes the information, has become responsible for this. So no matter what happens to your phone, all the data remains in the backup archive. Also the storage of discount cards with this proggy is free, with the ability to add an unlimited number, edit them and even keep track of discounts in your favorite stores. In this case, the information is also read with the scanner, so you will need only your phone.


Discount cards - PINbonus

 Download PINbonus  в Apps Store и Google Play.



Another discount card app is PINbonus, which is free. The main feature is the ability to quickly read the code and keep the main cards in a small cloud linked to Facebook. After downloading the application - no registration is required, so there is no need to worry about leaking personal information. It is also important that Pinbonus works offline, which will allow you to find out about promotions and discounts without access to the Internet.


 Download discount card application Wmestocard  for iPhone и Android.

Wmestocard discount card application

The Wmestocard discount card app has the same abilities as the previous ones, but there are also a number of features. You can not only store cards from your favorite stores in one place, but also track discounts and promotions, save by participating in drawings and even read the news of companies with which the application cooperates. The app is free to install for any phone, and when presented in-store, you can get an instant discount.



 Download yoCard  On Apps Store и on Google Play.

yoCard application for discount cards

It is one of the most convenient applications with discounts, which works with almost all CIS stores, offers to participate in promotions, get discounts, keep track of boutique updates and, of course, keep all the cards in one place - on your phone. They are added simply by scanning plastic samples, entering a barcode or creating a card online. To do this, you need to fill in the fields with information and add the card to the list, which holds up to 200 items. When using it in stores, show the code to the salesperson or enter it manually. It is also possible to work offline and there is backup storage.Which of the proposed applications is better, it is difficult to say, as it is a question of usability and preferences in the interface, but to try at least one worth everyone.

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Andrey Murzanaev

If anyone is interested, the Crossroads employee card gives a 10% discount on all supermarket products.
The card number is 7789 0071 2501 7936. works through the app, if the barcode does not scan just dictate the number.
At the cashier can ask who the holder, say Lapina Ira Vasilyevna, do not thank)