The best photo editing apps

The best photo editing apps

There is no doubt that the iPhone and iPad, and to some extent Android, were created by creative people for creative people. With the advent of these smartphones and tablets, the approach to mobile photo processing has changed, along with the increased popularity of photo editing and processing. There are now a huge number of photo processing applications on the market, among which it is very difficult to know where to start and which application to choose to edit a photo, to apply filters and effects to a photo or image.

We have tested and reviewed several applications in order to help you decide on a photo processing app that will fit your needs. Not even how many needs, but will simply perform their functions - editing photos, applying filters, removing imperfections, smoothing, and more. Using these applications, you will get results comparable to those of a professional when he works in sophisticated photo processing programs like Photoshop.

We've collected the best photo processing apps for iOS and Android cell phones. All of these apps save high-resolution images and are regularly updated by the developers. I have carefully selected photo editing apps and recommend them for use. They will help you get amazingly beautiful photos with effects and filters.

The best photo editing apps for iOS and Android cell phones

The 7 Best Photo Processing and Editing Apps for Your Images

The list was updated on November 24, 2016.


prisma is the best app of 2016Transform your photos into works of art in the styles of famous artists: Munk, Picasso, Mondrian, Roy Lichtenstein, and decorate with urban styles, world famous ornaments and patterns. A unique combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence will help you turn memorable moments into timeless art. Photos after Prisma processing - look very interesting and unusual. The developers add new filters very often. It is not for nothing that the app won the title as Best app of 2016.



stackablesA nifty app for applying textures to photos. Original vintage filters, gradients, filters, emulsions, foils, complex geometric patterns and much more.

Stackables is available for download for iPod, iPhone and iPad. The app is recommended by photographer Dirk Wuestenhagen.



mexturesWhen processing photos, the Mextures app can apply film grain, textures, grunge, tasteful light fall and beautiful gradients. All of these effects are applied to your images quickly and easily. Mextures allows you to customize filters so that you can then very easily use them for other images, a kind of formula or recipe. Includes textures from real 35mm cameras, as well as formulas created for iPhoneographers with a community of app lovers.

Mextures is available for iPod, iPhone and iPad. This app was the brainchild of photographer Merek Davis from Arizona, USA.


Photo processing apps for iPhone Android iPad



facetuneFacetune is a powerful and easy-to-use photo graphic editor for portrait images that will help you create a great portrait. Remove the effect of red eyes and flabby skin 🙂 Accentuate your best features, remove blemishes and dark circles and spills.

Facetune is compatible with iPhone, iPad and Android and can be downloaded from the AppStore.



decim8If you are tired of artificial vintage filters such as "authenticity" style or "rose-colored glasses"? I recommend you try Decim8, here do not read anything further, but just download and check for yourself. A completely unconventional approach to applying filters. Decim8 offers a revolutionary approach to photo editing - adding unpredictable glitches, pixelation and intentional photo damage to photos. The app creates chaotic, experimental and futuristic beauty.

Decim8 is available on iPod, iPhone and iPad. Developed by Kris Collins, Colorado, USA.


Image Blender

image-blenderA simple, powerful image blending tool for creating collages. Combine your photos in a photomontage or double exposure. A large number of tools for organizing and labeling your photos. Click and hold on an image to copy, swap or flatten your images.

Image Blender is available for iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Developed by Johan Andersson of Stockholm, Sweden.



icoloramaThe versatile image editor will allow you to add absolutely amazing new filters to your photos, the special effects look amazing and can even be controlled by a child. You can tweak your photo, apply a filter to the whole image or use one of the effects that you draw with your finger directly on the photo. It really is an incredible treasure trove of special effects and filters, giving you endless creative possibilities for your imagination in working with images.

iColorama is available for iPod, iPhone and iPad. Developed by Teresita Alonso of Sweden.


This is truly a new era. Everyone thinks of himself as a photographer. In Instagram you can see a lot of beautiful albums of ordinary amateur photos on iPhone or Android. To help you join this movement of the beautiful and amazing world of photography, we wrote this article. We have selected the best photo editing and processing applications. Editing photos in these applications is a pleasure, the interface is intuitive and the logic is clear. All apps are free, only some have paid filters or other features.

I remembered the days when processing photos on a regular desktop computer would take days. On the phone - it's possible in 5-10 minutes in any of these applications. Then you can share the photos with friends or print them out as a photo, hang them on the wall.

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