Applications with databases of new buildings

Until recently, the real estate market was primitive and more than understandable: to buy an apartment, you had to find a person who is engaged in it and trust him, or a large construction company that builds a particular residential complex. But the world is not standing still, technology is developing, and with it the real estate market, it is becoming more digital, so to speak.

Digitalization of the real estate market

Virtually the entire market has moved online. I'm sure there are still pockets of "resistance" where property searches are done on bills or by searching in newspapers, but that's definitely not going to last.

The next stage is the emergence of applications where you can find the very apartment or even an apartment complex that meets your requirements. Usually the app is:

  • aftermarket base
  • convenient filters
  • main thing! Constantly updated real estate database
  • You decide what to watch and when

And there are all sorts of additional options that depend on the specific application.

Real estate search apps

And since we are talking about applications, it would be correct to give examples.

Floors, Real Estate and Mortgage

Applications with databases of new buildings

Download Storeys app

The mobile app Etazhi, which gives free access to a database of 300,000 properties, and this volume is constantly growing. In it, you can buy or sell an apartment or other real estate, make or rent. In the Etazhi mobile app you can find:

  • Large selection of secondary housing
  • Sale of apartments in new buildings at prices from the developer
  • Subscription and alerts for new offers on the parameters of interest
  • Mortgage calculator from Sberbank and other banks
  • Preferential terms for buying an apartment with a mortgage - discounts from partner banks on interest rates up to 0.6% and an increased chance of approval compared to self-submission
  • Secure real estate transactions through a special certificate
  • If necessary, a realtor will help in the search for real estate

For businesses, our app has commercial real estate.

Locals: rent without intermediaries

Applications with databases of new buildings

Download Locals application

And the Locals app specializes in just one area in real estate - in rentals, it helps bring the tenant and the one looking for an apartment together in a simple and straightforward interface. What's interesting is that: they don't have their own c

  • They don't have commissions.
  • Each ad is manually checked by moderators
  • New rental ads appear every day
  • Placement of the ad is free

I wonder, of course, what they make money on, if everything is so beautiful and free) Surely there is some catch, read the reviews and be critical.

Move Real Estate: Apartments

Applications with databases of new buildings

Download Move application

Move is an application where you can buy or rent real estate from all over the world, its developers claim that the application has more than 3 million residential and commercial properties around the world.

In the application you can find cheap apartments in new buildings from the builder, as well as the secondary market. In addition, you can rent an inexpensive apartment in any city in just a couple of minutes.

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